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Hello Hive,

This is going to be an off-the-cuff post, not my usual style but there' s so much going on at the moment that needs to be discussed right away.

The FED Can Print "Infinite Cash"

KashKari zeroHg.png

In a recent interview, Neel Kashkari head of the Minneanpolis FED declared that the FED had "infinite cash" and could print infinite money to deal with the present economic crisis.

You may not know that KashKari helped to carry cash from US taxpayers to the failing major banks and Wall Street during the 2008 financial crisis as one of TARP's chief architects.

a former Treasury Department official who is best known for running the $700-billion bank bailout initiative known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program from 2008 to 2009.

LA Times

Despite the fact that the crisis has been triggered, not caused, by the spread of the COVID 19 virus the sages of industry are not pancking, at least not publicly. Unsurprisingly, the only solution the moneymakers who run the the house of cards economy can devise is:


Thus far, the US for-profit healthcare system has been exposed as grossly inadequate, disorganized, overpriced and overly complicated to deal with a pandemic of this magnitude.

Yet, when Universal Healthcare, or a variety of public health care options, have been proposed over the last several decades has resulted in an endless debate about the unmanageable costs of universal care and the absolute terror of socialized medicine.
The American people have been REPEATEDLY told:

  1. We have the greatest healthcare system in the world

There's always money for war
Always money for Wall Street
Never any money for health care
No money for you.

It's become increasingly evident that if such a public healthcare system existed, the response to the pandemic would be much swifter, more efficient and better prepared to coordinate and contain the spread of infectious outbreaks.

_See South Korea's Public/Private System and how it's dealt with the COVID19 outbreak._

By contrast, an UNPRECEDENTED 6 Trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street and leading US corporations magically materializes in the matter of days with little or no debate from lawmakers whatsoever. In any case, the opinion of the people matters not.

The single largest transfer of wealth in US history was accomplished by simply 'printing' more money into existence and thrown at the dumpster fire of an artificially inflated stock market with no strings attached.

Un Fait Accomplit

But, it's different this time!
This time every US citizen gets whopping $1,200 check in the mail!

With the same money, 'printed' out of thin air, US citizens could enjoy a Free Healthcare that could provide for generations to come.

Peanuts for Main Street

US lawmakers announced a $2.2 Trillion dollar Stimulus plan but the actual bailout package should be in the range of $7-10 Trillion as $6.6 Trillion in REPO (repurchasing agreement) loan actions have already been pumped into the markets since September 2019. Thus far, it has not been made public which private firms have received Repo injections from the FED.

  • *American Taxpayers : $600,000,000,000.00 USD

  • Small Businesses : $377,000,000,000.00 USD

  • State & Local Gov. : $339,000,000,000.00 USD

  • Public Services : $180,000,000,0000.00 USD

  • **Bankers & Wall Street: $7,100,000,000,000.00 USD

*(approx. figure includes 4 month unemployment insurance)
**(approx. figure includes pre-CARE Repo injections of 6.6T)

Ey! That's a misrepresentation of the numbers!

Alright, let's say that the top 6,000 US Corporations receive an equal amount from the bailout slush fund. (There are less than 3,000 companies listed on the NYSE). The reality of the inequality remains morbidly skewed in favor of the elite.

6,000 Corporations: $ 1,000,000,000 USD

330,000,000 US Citizens: $ 1,200 USD

We all remember how the no-payback loans were used in the 2008 crisis, right?

  • CEO bonuses
  • Stock Buybacks
  • Continue Business as usual
  • No bailout for the workers

The 4 Stages of Infinite Money Printing

Stage 1 - Print Infinite Money

Print money0.gif

Stage 2 - Print Inestimably More Money


Stage 3 - Print Infinity x Infinity Money


Stage 4 - Print Infinite Supply of Toilet Paper

Dollar TP1.gif

Insider Trading Ahead of COVID-19 Impact

insider trade.jpg

It was reported that several US Senators sold large amounts of personally held stock after attending a Senate Intelligence Committee session on the COVID19, January 24th 2020. A number of Senators who attended the secret briefing used the information to preserve their own private wealth while playing down the threat of the Corona Virus to the public. Some of these same Senators who personally profited from dumping stock are also rumored to have invested in companies projected to do well in a pandemic scenario.

BBC News

  • Senator Kelly Loeffler and former owner NYSE: $1.2-$3.1M in stocks (February)
  • Head of Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr: $1.7M in stocks (February 13)
  • Diane Fienstein Senator from California: $1.1-$5.5M in stocks (February)
  • James Inhofe Senator from Oklahoma: $170,000-$400,000- in stocks (January 27)
  • Ron Johnson Senator from Wisconsin: $5-$25M in stocks (March 2)


CIA asset and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: $3.5 - $4.1 Billion in Stock (February 5)

Jeff B.gif

Record Number of CEOS & Execs Stepping Down ahead of COVID19 Pandemic


An all-time record number of CEOs and executives stepped down from their positions in a matter of months.

There were more than 1,332 departures in 2019 alone.
In January of 2020, there were a record 219 exits by CEOs.

The mass exodus of executives was capped by some of the biggest names in the business world vacating the most sought-after positions in their respective industries. Some of the big players stepping out of the lime-light included: Bill Gates, Leslie Wexner, Larry Page, Bob Iger, and Mark Parker.

January 2020

  • Bill Gates Board of Directors Berkshire Hathaway / Microsoft
  • Bob Iger CEO of Walt Disney
  • Leslie Wexner of L-Brands/Victoria Secret

December 2019

  • Suzanne Desmon-Hellman CEO The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Larry Page at Alphabet
  • Oscar Munoz at United Airlines
  • Mark Okerstrom at Expedia


  • Adam Neumann at WeWork
  • Kevin Burns from Juul
  • Dennis Muilenburg at Boeing


High Profile Industry Names Step Down in 2019

  • United Airlines — Oscar Munoz
  • Alphabet — Larry Page
  • Gap — Art Peck
  • McDonald’s — Steve Easterbrook
  • Wells Fargo — Tim Sloan
  • Under Armour — Kevin Plank
  • PG&E — Geisha Williams
  • Kraft Heinz — Bernardo Hees
  • Hewlett Packard — Dion Weisler
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond — Steven Temares
  • Warner Bros. — Kevin Tsujihara
  • Best Buy — Hubert Joly
  • New York Post — Jesse Angelo
  • Colgate-Palmolive — Ian Cook
  • MetLife — Steven Kandarian
  • eBay — Devin Wenig
  • Nike — Mark Parker

January 2020

No Mercy - Increased Sanctions During Global Pandemic

US ignores calls to suspend Venezuela and Iran sanctions Mar31.png

Already applying severe sanctions on Iran and Venezuela the USG has reassured the world that punishing US sanctions on both countries will remain continue indefinitely. Paying for and receiving humanitarian aid from international donors is currently heavily restricted and only going to get worse. Government officials from the US say they hope that by apply more pressure may spark a revolt inside both countries which the US has been eager to catalyze for years.

$15 Million dollar bounty placed on the head of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro for Drug Trafficking

In a rare action, the DEA has also indicted president Nicolas Maduro on Narco-terrorism and Trafficking charges with a bounty for his capture.

Maduro 15 mil.jpg

Hypocritical Much?



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Did you mean to start with "Hello Hive" lol

It really looks as if we are due for a depression and I think that all the coronavirus hype might just be a boogieman created for the public to blame, so we don't blame the elites.

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