Community Effort - Listing STEEM on Coinswitch and Exodus Wallet

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In my capacity as BuildTeam CEO and top 20 Steem witness, I was in contact with Exodus Wallet recently about listing STEEM and SBD; they are very receptive to it and indicate that the only way they can facilitate that is if the STEEM tokens are already listed on their exchange partners, namely Changelly, Shapeshift or

I emailed Changelly and they want some sort of liquidity deposit, I asked how much and they haven't replied as yet, I have followed up but this will only be feasible once we have the SPS (DAO).

Coinswitch has been pretty receptive, I was on a Skype call yesterday with their VP of Business and he indicates they are backed by Sequoia Capital, they don't require listing fees but it needs to make business sense to them. They further indicated they are partnered with Bread Wallet and Trezor, which would help get STEEM some inroads there.

Basically for the integration to make sense to them, they would like some marketing/promotion from Steem developers or the Steem community, I need to present them a proposal on Monday and am gathering support to enhance the offering and show that the Steem community is receptive to partnering with external integrators and that we provide value in return for organisations providing value to us. So we have accumulated the following offers:

@thecryptodrive / @ buildteam:

  • 4 x Steem posts (1 per week) on our general news blog @btuniverse, boosted to trending on
  • The posts will be syndicated to our news aggregator
  • A link to the posts will be shared in our BuildTeam public Discord server with 10K plus members.
  • Coinswitch will be added to the partners' section of our website.
  • A Coinswitch banner will be placed on the top spot of for two months minimum.


A campaign with aggroed who runs, a game with 2000 daily players and an overall rank of no. 8 on;
Palnet which is a Discord server with 20,000 Steemians and collaboration on Steem-Engine - a DEX for Steem side-chain tokens. The campaign can also include a highly visible post to 24000 followers.

Please, will you comment on this post with promotional offers that your community or organisation can offer to to make the STEEM and SBD listing worthwhile. You can also provide your email address to thecryptodrive#8144 in DM so you can be included in CC in the negotiations with Coinswitch.

These offers could be replicated to help onboard other significant exchanges and payment integrators, but for now however we are focussing on Coinswitch.

This is a great opportunity for organisations like the Steem Business Alliance, Oracle-D, Steemcoinpan etc to get involved in and show what value they can bring to the table to attract business to Steem.

Looking forward to doing business with you!

BuildTeam CEO
Steem Business Alliance Member
Top 20 Steem Witness and Ambassador

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You are certainly moving in the right direction. I give you props for that. It shouldn't be difficult at all to get STEEM/SBD listed on these very low liquidity exchanges. But if you really want to put your big boy pants on, you should consider targeting the larger exchanges. The ones that will actually make a difference to STEEM liquidity by getting STEEM listed.

I emailed Changelly and they want some sort of liquidity deposit, I asked how much and they haven't replied as yet, I have followed up but this will only be feasible once we have the SPS (DAO).

In response to this comment, I recommend reaching out to @ned. I'm sure you recall that @ned liquidated a considerable amount of his SP and stored it on exchanges. @ned claimed that he is not selling it and just protecting it from a hostile hard fork. If that is true, then that STEEM is just sitting there on the exchange wallet. My point is, that this massive amount of STEEM could actually be used to support liquidity for new listings instead of just sitting there doing nothing. If you are really worthy of a CEO title, you would make this happen.


Hey @socky, personally I have stopped relying on Steemit Inc or Ned for anything, that is just setting oneself up for disappointment, we will have the DAO worker proposal funding for this sort of thing soon.


Yes, not trying is a strategy with eerie similarity to a self proclaimed CEO... @ned


I’m not saying not trying, I’m saying be realistic that ned wont help, I have been in touch with Steemit and asked for 20K listing fee to get Steem listed on Shapeshift, the response was Steemit Inc has no budget set aside for exchange listings and favours free listings. Ned is not even involved with Steem anymore he has taken a back seat and put Elizabeth in charge, so summoning Ned is well just wishful thinking. I have been on Steem since June 2016, have met Ned in person and I am in the Steemit devs slack channel and I can assure you Steemit has been approached many times and have no interest.

Shapeshift, Changelly, Coinswitch, Paycent, Exodus, Trezor are all on my todo list for this year, some may require SPS funding, not sure who you mean to be more big boy than that because Steem is already listed on Binance and Bittrex which are some of the biggest. Coinbase is probably the holy grail, some have tried with no luck, I also tried via linkedin but haven’t yet found any inroads, I decided rather pick battles I can win first to at least gain Steem some ground. You can also get involved to try help list Steem, we are all stakeholders and all have a vested interest, we need to stop crying out for ned to do everything for us and realise he isnt coming and start being self sufficient.

woot strange as CoinSwitch seem to have all Bittrex pairs so STEEM should be there too


Yeah I'm not sure why it was omitted, very strange and shouldn't be much to enable it. Maybe they need to add liquidity to it.

this is amazing news @thecryptodrive , i can echo your announcement on the crypto FB pages which I'm active on which is one of the largest crypto moderated groups in Malaysia
Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 4.13.37 PM.png

and also my small STEEM community here in Malaysia
Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 4.13.52 PM.png


Ok fantastic, I will paste your comment in the email I send them. Appreciate your support,

How secure is Exodus wallet?

I would also reach out to binance to be included in the Trust wallet. Steem is already listed on that exchange.


I'm not a security expert so can't comment on its security, either way it is good for visibility of Steem and security must be good enough that people use it for a few years now. Trust wallet is a good idea, I will sort these first and then have a look at that.

@thecryptodrive, I personally use the Exodus Wallet and in my opinion it's one of the effective and cool wallet.

And hope that your efforts and initiatives will be successful and soon we can see our own Steem Token being listed on some reputed wallets and exchanges.

Keep up and my good wishes are with you brother. Stay blessed.

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Ok fantastic glad I'm on the right path! Appreciate the confirmation.

Bless you as well.


Thank you so much.

Great initiative @thecryptodrive! @oracle-d will put something together to add value to this! We will create an oracle-d writing task that asks members to sign up to coinswitch, create a small transaction and post evidence of having done this in the comments section. For an additional bonus, if the user writes a blog with some feedback about their experience they will be eligible for a larger upvote. Stay tuned to @oracle-d.tasks for the instructions. This task will be exposed to our community of 500 seasoned content creators and writers


That's awesome thanks for the Discord chat, will submit your proposal as well.

#resteem #upvote #comment
Great to see that certain individuals are pushing the bigger idea forward - no matter what! If BuildTeam can help me integrating STEEM & SBD to my webshop as you did with yours I can offer them an All in One PoD merch pack + related graphic, marketing & print services. Not sure if it's relevant to them @thecryptodrive but that's what I can offer so far without extra budget.

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Hi Roger, contact me in DM on Discord and tell me about your shop. thecryptodrive#8144 is my handle there.

There was a time when STEEM was listed on Changelly, any idea why it was delisted?


Likely cause of low volume, our community needs to support a variety of things more.

Weird that Changelly wants a liquidity deposit, weren't they an advertising partner of Steemit Inc.?

Anyway, if it's not too much I hope it would be possible to secure this. Dunno, maybe through Steemit Inc or a crowdfunding campaign perhaps?

Fingers crossed for Coinswitch!


Changelly needs a deposit because they will spend dev time and may not even recover the dev costs via the small fees that are generated, putting their own money down for liquidity is also bad for their cashflow, so they need to cover themselves.

I have no idea about Coinswitch but I will check it out. No doubt steem listing on another exchange is a great achievement for our community.

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It's all top of mind promotion, if Steem is everywhere, people will trust it more.

Changelly and Coinswitch would be great partners to trade our Steem and SBD with.

Dear @thecryptodrive

Wow Friend, great pleasure to read this news, what you propose is a good thing for the whole community. I believe that while many more wallets accept SBD and STEEM, the growth of our platform will be better and with this participation we can achieve more growth and strength of the currency in front of others.

Ok I would like to know what I can do to help. The growth of steemit is also my growth


@lanzjoseg, do you know of anyone that can offer promotion to Coinswitch in exchange for listing Steem? Maybe someone who runs a blog with many followers or runs an app website, or had an active Discord server or radio show.


I think that in this community you can achieve advertising within steemit, I will try to make a post to make them known.


Thanks so much friend!

This is great and I really also appreciate your effort on the listing of steem and SBD and also promoting steem all around the world

This makes steem reached mass adoption since buying one token is easier.

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Thanks for the amazing negotiating strides. I see a Big future for steem with this level of commitment. Information noted.

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Thanks for your efforts sir, I hope that this one becomes successful as usual!

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This is true value you do for this ecosystem. :)

Have heard good things about all of the exchanges listed. This will be good

#wow amazing . keep it up . good luck

Looks like a good deal I hope these go through!

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Thank you to everyone who has responded on this post, this is what the Steem community is supposed to be like, reminds me of the good old days filled with wonder and promise, I am motivated by this engagement.

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Dear @thecryptodrive
It is good to read this news, as steemit grows we also grow