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Condensing STEEM Into Life Giving Water

I am still buzzing with the recent news that the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin mentioned the Steem Blockchain and more importantly, its community.
Watch Video of Vitalik Talking About STEEM
While at the same time, sadly, the EOS blockchain is currently having some Major issues with network congestion and at the same time the Steem Blockchain just continues to grow and expand both its multi-use blockchain ecosystem and its crypto user base. So Vitalik wishes Ethereum, the number 2 blockchain, and I imagine Dan of EOS, the number 7 blockchain, does as well, to be more like the number 88 blockchain, STEEM.

EOS needs the network throughput that the STEEM Blockchain currently has in excess by the boatloads, while Ethereum's founder Vitalik, laments Ethereum's inability to have both throughput and more importantly a thriving and diverse Crypto-Community like that found on the STEEM Blockchain.

These two recent events have re-invigorated my belief that the STEEM Blockchain is special, and is meant to do great things for the World and its people. I say this because Bitcoin first unlocked the potential of the blockchain. This potential of economic and monetary freedom unleashed by Bitcoin had been lost, at least for most people of the world, but the STEEM Blockchain recaptured that potential for the masses of the World. The STEEM Blockchain allows any individual in any part of the World to participate in blockchain technology while also reaping the rewards of the blockchain. This empowerment of the individual makes each STEEM Community member a stronger link in the blockchain, and as those individuals congregate into support groups and communities, it makes for stronger bonds that can effect meaningful changes.

Those positive changes are exactly what We, as the STEEM Community, are trying to do here with SteemLOVE.

About two weeks ago I posted my first SteemLove post. The idea behind the SteemLove post is to take whatever the Author Rewards will be and send it as Steem to a Steem community member that could use a little SteemLove. The first Steemian I nominated was @petrarodriguez who lives in Venezuela, and posts to the Steem Blockchain about her life experiences, despite the fact that electricity and the internet are Not daily guarantees. In this first post I asked for community members to volunteer the next recipient of that SteemLove.

For me, the idea behind SteemLove is simple. As it is often said, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so by helping to support and lift up our community members, We make our Steem BlockCHAIN STRONGER one member at a time.

read about it here - Mission: Agua-Possible

Proof of this is the next Steemian who was volunteered by @davedickeyyall to be the next recipient of the community's SteemLove, @drutter , a member of the Steem Community since August 2017. For a little over a year, this noble Steemian has been running a project to gather up enough STEEM that will be used to buy a water pump for another fellow Steemian in Venezuela.

How Amazing is That? What other Blockchain can say that its community members help empower each other in this manner? Personally, I think We here on the Steem Blockchain would have made Satoshi Nakamoto quite proud if he were still around!!

The rewards from this post that I receive will be 100% given to @drutter to do as they wish, but I highly suspect that it will lead to STEEM eventually turning into Water.

I am asking for 100% UP VOTES from those of you who can, and of course Re-Steems so that others may help by sending their SteemLove through up votes and re-steems as well.

Remember, this is to show the Collective Power of the Steem Blockchain Community to support and empower its community members. Thank You

I would like to have All those who do participate with an up vote to comment below and nominate a fellow Steemian that you believe should be the next to receive a STEEMLOVE post. Then we can do this again for another fellow Steemian.

What do you all think?
Who is Next for some SteemLove?

Take care everyone!
+++ @streetstyle

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  ·  작년

What @drutter is now doing with collecting enough STEEM to be used to buy a water pump for another fellow Steemian in Venezuela is very good.

My team @xpilar Norway and I want to support this project to @drutter. Mission: Agua-Possible will miss the opportunity ahead of time :)


I'd like to thank you @xpilar once again for your support and encouragement on the [Mission Agua Possible] project! The falling value of STEEM has made it very hard for us to make progress toward the 1300 USD goal.

Thanks to you, and to great Steemians like @streetstyle, there's still hope! I'm going to be so excited when we can finally make the water flow in Edgar's neighborhood again. :)

"The rewards from this post that I receive will be 100% given to @drutter to do as they wish, but I highly suspect that it will lead to STEEM eventually turning into Water."

That's correct, any funds handed to me from this effort will go right into the fund to purchase and install the pump.

Thank you SO much for shining some light on our efforts! It's not just me, but several people all pitching in together to make it work. We have BIG appreciation for you, and for your followers who see this message and get involved. Have a great weekend!

  ·  작년

nice to be able to help @drutter


Thank you and your team @xpilar for showing and supporting #steemlove You guys are Amazing!

This is a great project! Drutter is a friend of mine, and i highly respect he always sticks to his guns, but if he is wrong he is also not afraid to say so. So i would like to nominate @futuremind. He has recently been wrongly evicted from his apartment, and is ob the verge of being homeless. But he never asks for help, instead h3 helps others. His heart is made of gold, and he is a loyal steemian. On top of this he is a veteran, he constantly gets shitted on by the VA. Instead of truly helping him, they just shove nasty pills in his face


Thank you for participating, supporting and now nominating a recipient for SteemLove. I will line up @futuremind for a #SteemLove post. In the meantime I have upvoted a few of his posts and will send a little bit of Steem as soon as I get a chance.
Take care.


Thank you so much @streetstyle,
Things have turned around with the apartment situation, and everything is looking alright here.
I noticed you stopped by and hit me with some Steem love, thank you so much for that!

Please save the steemlove nomination for someone who's more in need if there are any other candidates. I will be ok. The thought alone and your kind support on my blog is worth so much to me. Thank you!


That is so good to hear @futuremind well for now you are queued up for some #steemlove but if there are more exigent then I appreciate your support for that.
Maybe you can help us support another community project called #spud and really only requires at minimum just support. Thanks and take care.


I'll definitely take part in #spud on DECEMBER 1 2019. I reckon this will help motivate me to maintain consistency with my posting for the rest of the month and save up a bit of loose Steem just for the occasion. I've never taken part before, but it's never too late to start!
If there's anything else I can do to help, just let me know. I'll be sure to manually curate the tag :)
Thanks again @streetstyle :)


Awesome, thanks for the support @futuremind #spud will be Awesome with all the support that is lining up!!


Thank you so much for the nomination @canna-curate,
Fortunately things have taken a turn for the better with the apartment situation after getting some legal services involved, and things are looking alright here!
I very much appreciate the thought and such kind words! :)

Steem ♨ On ! 💙
with LOVE ♥

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.025을 보팅해서 $0.017을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6965번 $84.407을 보팅해서 $93.032을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

I would like to nominate @mirianmg she just had a baby and I think some extra money would help her

Muy buenos dias apreciado amigo,espero se encuentre bien de cuerpo y alma,muy interesante e informativo esta publicacion,gracias por su ayuda que de verdad necesito,ya que me gusta compartir con el necesitado y en estas condiciones tan precarias me cuesta,el niño me visito ayer pidiendo su regalo de navidad para el y otro hermanito,mas adelante estoy reuniendo a ver que compro si comida o algo personal porque aqui todo demasiado caro que ni para mi puedo nada,esto una vaina loca amigo,saludos

What can I tell you @streetstyle , this is an amazing initiative reinforcing the foundations of the steem community. Full support.


excellent news, friend @streetstyle, hopefully our platform continues to grow for the benefit of all, thanks for the information and for being aware and being concerned and fighting for the growth of steemit!

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