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The Hands of SteemLove

Hello my fellow Steemians. Hope everyone is weathering the rough up and down seas of the crypto-world rather well, as this morning's Bitcoin price plunge is sure to cause more Waves than....(here comes the second pun).... Ripples.

Anyhow, today I wanted to follow up with my post from two days ago in regards to a new initiative, called SteemLove, that I would like to see spread across the Steem realm. In that post, Looking for some STEEMLOVE, I explain the premise behind SteemLove and more importantly, that the payout for the SteemLove post would go to a fellow Steemian that could use a small token of the Steem Community's support and, you guessed it, SteemLove.

This is the follow up to that SteemLove post, where I elected @petrarodriguez to be the recipient of the the Steem Community's SteemLove. Although the post has not actually reached the seven day payout, I went ahead an advanced the payout, plus I added a little extra. If the post receives more payout than what I have aleady sent, then I will send her the difference. If not, then she received some extra Steem plus I also sent her 5 Steem Basic Income units. The post currently shows that it has about 53.5 Steem and Steem Power combined as the payout for both author and curators.

Screen Shot 20191106 at 7.34.20 PM.png
pending post payout total

Screen Shot 20191108 at 7.54.20 AM.png
SteemLove sent

Since this is the first of hopefully many SteemLove posts, and with the price of Steem currently not very high, I sent Petra the entire post payout even though I will only receive half of it. It is still not very much but hopefully it will help her put a little food on the table. In the SteemLove post I also asked for a nominee to receive the next batch of SteemLove from those that up voted the post with a 100% up vote. Unfortunately no one was nominated to receive the next round of SteemLove, so I have decided to choose the next recipient to be @cryptopie .


Arnold, who goes by @cryptopie here on the Steem Blockchain has been posting on here since the summer of 2017. Arnold has been consistently writing about his life and his health. He has opened up to the World, through the Steem Blockchain, by using it as a personal window into his life. Arnold has introduced us to his family and home, while also letting us in to his thoughts, his fears and his goals. I truly admire Arnold's fearlessness and courage, and I hope that through cryptocurrency and the Steem Blockchain, that Arnold attains his heart's desires.

I thank you Arnold @cryptopie for showing us what it is to be consistent, fearless and strong here on the Steem Blockchain. I am so glad to have met you here on the Steem blockchain and am proud of all your accomplishments here. Hopefully this small token of appreciation from the Steem community helps to show that.

The payout from this post that I receive will be 100% given to @cryptopie to do as he wishes.

Please help me prove the quote "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" wrong by turning it into "Looking for STEEMLOVE in All the Right Places."

I am asking for 100% UP VOTES for those of you who can, and of course Re-Steems so that others may help by sending their SteemLove through up votes and re-steems as well.

Remember, this is to show the Collective Power of the Steem Blockchain Community to support and empower its community members. Thank You

I would like to have All those who do participate with a 100% up vote to comment below and nominate a fellow Steemian that you believe should be the next to receive a STEEMLOVE post. Then we can do this again for another fellow Steemian.

What do you all think?
Who is Next for some SteemLove?

Last SteemLove post has received about 132 up votes and 53.5 total Steem, can we do better???

+++ @streetstyle

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@denissemata could use some steemlove :)


Thank you @karenb54 for showing that #steemlove and nominating @denissemata who does work hard and is constantly posting here on Steem some of her wonderful creations. In fact, I think Steem Blockchain might have even helped with a little financing of her education in becoming a chef.
Take care and stay tuned for that SteemLove post coming soon!


Thank you for replying. She is lovely but having a hard time with where she lives, a little extra would put food on the table. I do help her when i can.

Thank you Sir @streetstyle about this, you are since in the beginning of my steem journey had been so selflessly supporting. Nothing that I could say but God himself will repay you.
May God bless you and keep you.

BTW for other recipients next time you can use @likwid service to get the full amount minus the charge fee of 1.5% I think it is a good idea.


Thank you @cryptopie I know it won't be much but I will be sending over the Steem payout from the post shortly. Keep doing your thing my friend. Take care and have a great day!

Voted and resteemed, thanks for showing love to these people


Likewise my friend. #steemlove

I like what you have in mind here. Cryptopie has always been a warrior on Steem!


oooouuuu.... #steemwarrior I like it


Ooops let me do a 100% upvote. I don't have anyone to nominate yet but shall do.


Cool, thanks for showing that #steemlove @steemitqa

Aqui mi visita apoyando sus publicaciones querido amigo


Le mande ese regalito.... no es mucho, ya quiciera que fuera mucho mas para uds. Sin embargo, ud. siga adelante y siguire apoyandola esperando que los precios de criptomondeas suba mucho para que le ayude a ud. y su familia. Saludos.


Gracias amigo,que asi sea,saludos,cuidese

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