12 days without communication

2년 전

I know, it's not good.
12 days without a post.

We have several reasons to explain this:

1- our computer screen died, so we needed a fez days to change it, unable to reach Internet in the meantime.
2- Game owner has now a very important mission for the next 2 months. You may check, follow and please support @olivier.jacobs in his political part. He will try to help citizens, he is not a politician, he is still a citizen and want to fight for us all and change the paradigm.

So, very sorry for the delay between posts.

If you help us to grow our SP, if you want to sponsor a contest, please contact us.
Sponsors will be cited on steem and on steem.mafia game.

Have a nice day and cya sooner thanin 12 days lol, promised

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