Free ammos

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Arsenal is open

What about receiving 150 additional ammoś, for free ?
Just click this link
It's valid from the 21st of september, for approximatively 72hours.

Do not miss it


SteemMafia is a free game, but where player can support us by purchasing diamonds, or boosters.
We wanted to thank the few who are supporting us.

Remember, the game costs to the webmaster :) Your support is more than welcome.


Try to reach level 44 as soon as possible, and start gathering ammo's, I think we shall soon launch a boss event.
I know some wants to make contests, so if you wanna sponsor it, contact us.

Have a nice criminal day...

tutorialmascot3.png Better join us now... Other gangs are not waiting :)
Click to join the best mafia game on steem
More information on our main page / Contact our game manager on our discord.

All income generated by this account will be used to power up and/or will fund ingame contests, feel free to send steem/sbd or delegations.

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Will there be any new special sales on soon? I’m at level 33 and working hard to reach 43:-)

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Can't launch a new one before 9 oct, itś limited and hard coded , maximum 1 per month, and this was the last offer :
05 Sep 00:00 08 Sep 00:00 40%

But there is a chance of a random special offer each day.

What would be a low amount with steem to sponsor?

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Last time I did a poker challenge, I offered one steem.
Some players considered it as a shit price, forgetting it was a bonus on a free game, costing them absolutely nothing.
Since then I don't dare announcing anything.

But any sponsor will be discussed, the fact you ask is already appreciated :)


I can give 2 steem as a sponsor for what ever you want:-)

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And is it possible to make an extra event on receiving items for making a delegation

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I can deliver a maximum of 50 diamonds, 100000 cash and 100 ammo per day manually.
I can give away with the special gift link, with a certain delay, and the 1 sale promo per month

All other options are impossible, with an hard coded lock.