Short Update - Card Feeder Prototype - #feedMe

3년 전

In the video you can see a small comparison between manual and auto mode.
I‘m very happy with the result.

For the moment I'm finished with the card feeder.
The next big task is the card sorter. I will also create a prototype of the whole part.

I'm also working on the "offical" article about the card feeder. The short updates are only some signs of life. :)

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That works rather nice!


I didn‘t expect that. But yes, it works nearly perfect.

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Lego Technik, genial was damit geht :-)


Lego ist super für erste Ideen und Prototypen. Das meiste stammt noch aus meiner Jugend. Also besser nix weggeben, man weiß nie wann man es mal wieder braucht.