Winning my first Steemmonster Tournament !

10개월 전

Hi Steemians

I finally made it this evenig, I won my first Steemmonster tournament with my account @j-p-bs.

It was the novicecuddles2 Tournament, thank you @tashidelek for organising and @pharesim for sponsoring this tournament. It was a really intence and long tournament (it took 3 hours) with a lot of quality player.

First phase in the winners bracket:

Since I registered really early I started directly in the 2 round and had a really hard match since the begining against @theteoz that I won after he started with a 0:1 lead.

The seconde match was against the very good player @bji1203 and I was worried if I could win, but I was lucky to get 2 times the event "only melee monster can be used" where I was able to beat him with a 2:0.

The next one was pachu that I didn't knew before, but I still won against him 2:1.

The last match I made in the winer bracket was against @cranium who I met later again, he beated me 1:2.


The looser bracket:

Since it was a double elimination tournament I wasn't disqualified imediatly and had a chance in the looser bracket.

My first match was again against @bji1203 who fought his way to the top of the looser bracket and I was luckily able to beat him.

The seconde match was also a revenge match from @pachu that I was able to win again wit ha 2:0.

And so I was in the finals of the looser bracket against @quorum4 who I beat thanks to a lot of luck.



Now I was in the fianls against @cranium who already beated me before. They were 5 very interesting match with 1 who had to remake since we had exactly the same team and at the end I was able to win against him and win the first price of 50 Steem.



What I did with the price:

I decided to reinvest some of the money back in Steemmonsters and so I bought 5 pack and keep also some Steem back to buy some specific cards later. 10 from those Steem will also get powered up.
Here are the things I got from the packs:


Thank you for reading and don't forget to participate on the other tournaments from @tashidelek and @pharesim!!!

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Congratulations @jeanpi1908! You payed a great tournament!


Thank you

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wow, gg!
For me it's great because I can say that I lost against the final winner so I had no chance haha



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Glückwunsch! Das fühlt sich sicher richtig toll an 😊 leider bin ich weit davon entfernt ein Turnier zu gewinnen 😂


Danke, aber so Turniere wie die von @pharesim kannst du auch gewinnen ohne viele Karten. Ich glaube das kannst du auch schaffen.

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Congrats on winning the tournaments.

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