@steemmonsters 145 Beta Pack Opening - Gold Foil Legendary (Gold Dragon) for sale just $245.95 + Elemental Phoenix giveaway once the GFL sells (Upvote/Comment to Qualify) edited 11/28

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  • edit: price dropped from 254.75 to 245.95 in hopes of ensuring the sale of the card and initiating the giveaway of the Level 1 Elemental Phoenix and the Level 2 Angel.

@steemmonsters 145 Beta Pack Opening - Gold Foil Legendary (Gold Dragon) for sale just $254 + Elemental Phoenix giveaway once the GFL sells (Upvote/Comment to Qualify)

You can watch the 145 Booster Pack opening here:

As most that know me have learned, about a week ago I got scammed (somehow) out of over 900 or so dollars from my SBD and Steem (converted to BTC) via a transfer to VirWox which was interrupted by malware/Rkit which changed my clipboard while copying my BTC address and changing it to the thieves BTC address. Note I did not realize this and sent 3 transfers to VirWox to then cash out to PayPal... That money was lost although...

Thanks to the slow rebuild I discussed in the first Red Dead Redemption 2 Let's Play post on my @Steemit blog I was able to use just over 600 steem I had accumulated along with a bit of SBD to nab 145 beta packs from our friends @smartsteem / @smartmonsters , I figured despite what I drew that I would most likely get a few gold epics and cards that would create profit from the purchase amount.

Luckily one card did that singularly, even while selling it at 254.75 I end up with more than I had spent on the booster packs.

thus every card shown opened is going up on the marketplace EXCEPT FOR the Legendary Elemental Phoenix, I'm all maxed out and figured as it is my favorite card in the game, I would give it away to a random Upvoter who also comments on this post after the GFL Gold Dragon sells. (I will be sending it to the name you use posting, please state otherwise when you initially comment after the upvote and NOT REQUIRED but very much appreciated resteem!

Thank you and best of luck on the Elemental Phoenix!

gold dragon254.png

- Special Thanks to the content creators below:

Thanks for the support -

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We are sorry to hear about your phishing accident, but are very glad that you had luck buying Steem Monsters packs with us!

All the best,
Smart Monsters


Thank you very much @smartmonsters , seems to have been a good investment to buy the packs with my remaining steem/sbd after that draw among other golds/legendaries and summoners - I am very hopeful the card sells allowing it to be a profit! Thanks for the service!

  ·  3년 전

make it happen @smartmonsters keep up the great work!

I'm sorry to hear about the phishing scam. I hope your luck with SM will continue and that will help with some of the loss.


Thank you so much!


Thank you for being of significant aid! You are awesome!

Do not need the Gold Dragon for my deck builds. I'll enter the contest.


John Fatal1ty Wendel


Johnny Boy!

Thank you very much

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have 2 GFL Gold Dragons, I will enter the giveaway.


Hold onto em' :) great investment!

You did a great job rebuilding up Steem despite the crash in currency value, ended up with a nice video! I am halfway through watching. I am not entering the contest just commenting that I hope someone purchases the card quickly and you can be at ease from the robbery which took place!


Tried my best! Thank You!

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A lot to take in

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Enter me in for the phoenix please

I watched until about 3 minutes in .. You got some nice cards. You were hitting those legendaries left and right.

Congrats on the GFL !


Appreciated buddy! Keep rocking the wonderful content!

I'd like to enter the contest for the Elemental Phoenix

Great team work with your support team! Staying Motivated!!

I want to enter for that phoenix, too :)

Good Luck bro. Upvoted, resteemed.


Thanks friend!

Here is a small vote of apprecation.


This vote is appreciated beyond my ability to display in a response, honestly very grateful for this wonderful community.

Congratulations @aewind!
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No entendí del todo bien porque hablo en español y he tenido que usar el traductor de Google. Estoy feliz de que al menos tú historia esté mejorando, y ojalá a futuro cosas como las que pasaste no se den más nunca. Buena suerte, y cuídate. Si sorteas alguna carta y necesito hacer algo para participar, tú dime y con gusto participo.


Si ganas el concurso, te informaré.

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I'm glad you made a profit on the packs to help you recoup your loss


@mannaman thank you so much. :)

  ·  3년 전

Entering contest. Thanks :)

Hello! Upvoted.
Steemit's community is beautiful. I hope you feel better.
I never had a legendary card. I hope to be lucky.

Sorry to hear about the phishing attack, I'm glad you were able to recoup. Actually you seem way too lucky with them legendaries. Lol

Also, I'd love to enter the GFL contest. Peace!!