This thing is screaming!

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Man, Steem Monsters picked up a handful of new whales and market activity has simply been off the charts. We're pushing 2.5M in total marketcap. We calculate our marketcap by taking the asking price of the lowest cost card of a certain type and then aggregating the total cap based on those numbers. It's not a perfect system, but we've been doing it this way for a while. The cap isn't all buying and selling of cards because we issue rewards cards for quests and seasons as well as people buying packs.

That said we're starting to run out of packs.

I'm hoping to see this on the site before too long.

We started with 900,000 beta packs for sale. We're down to 279,600 left.

If you were hoping to pick some up I don't think you have a ton of time left. Remember what happened with alphas? We were selling them pretty well up until we had 100,000 left (33% of total supply) and then fomo kicked in and people bought up a shit ton of them in a very short period. I expect the same thing to happen now.

Everything is looking good!

Let's look at the last 6 months

The number of games played on off days is now really close to best season ending days at the start of the year. We've already beaten the all time high for this last season end (in the current fighting system). We should see it smash again when this season ends in six days.

We're up to 6 month highs for the daily number of players and that seems to be growing!

This Volume chart is driving me nuts too!!!

We're a third of the way through the month and already at half the volume of our best month ever. That's great! It looks like we're going to smash our all time high trading volume in a month by ~50%.

Add in rental markets too! I don't have good stats other than Jarvie saying that the number and values of rentals have doubled.

But wait, there MOAR!

How bout this DEC chart. Looks there are people there to gobble up every drop of DEC. Some people want orbs, some want potions, some are looking out for guilds. There's a lot of uses for DEC, but not everyone is gonna get it, so please push and shove.

I'd like to remind people that this is happening at the start of the bull cycle for bitcoin and there's no love for alts yet. Just out of curiosity what do you think will happen when bitcoin, altcoins, and the number of players goes up while beta packs run out?

Food for thought!

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Aggy are the Next Packs Going to be Ready Once the BETA Packs are Sold OUT ??

If They catch Total FOMO the BETAs Should Be gone Very Soon !


Do you think they will just let the revenue for them go away?


Absolutely not. That was somewhat Tongue in Cheek @flauwy

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Aggy already mentioned recently, that they might run without new cards for a few months, when the Beta sells out.

Greetings, grand @aggroed

I'm tracking the price of beta packs and decs tokens on steem-engine. Their price is growing exponentially

The dec is now 0.0035 .... Look at the difference for a few weeks, when it was around 0.0024

Tell me something. What happens when the beta packs are gone? Will you create other packs under another name ?? It is?

Thank you and good morning!

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Answer a small question. When guilds appear, will it be possible to consist of only one guild and several of them at once?


Good question, I would assume one guild only but several people are now talking about this, so there might be something to it. The screenshot from the guild rank also indicated that theory.

Shhhhh don't tell anyone, I was still hoping to buy cards at decent prices! 😂😂

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Decent prices are gone for a year now. You are already buying the expensive ones. Although they might get way more expensive.


I play since day one, I know how prices are rising. I'm just hoping for them not to rise like crazy in the following days 😉

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Wow, they really are selling fast @aggroed ! I have a feeling they will sell out soon like what happened to the Alpha Packs, wish I had a bunch of money to buy some up, haha!! I just did my 3 years on the blockchain post today where I give you and Steem-Engine an awesome mention as I am Staking all tokens I receive for my Early retirement fund, over the next 4 years With 6 New ScotBot Tribes and growing on a daily basis, if you get a chance to check it out!
Thanks so much for helping me to reach my goals for the future, and all that you do for the community! Rock On my friend!! Splinterlands Rocks, Im so Addicted!! 😂👍😎❤💯 upped and resteemed!

crazy numbers!
more to come!

We might end up trying to grab each other cards and the ones we have will be super rare.

#battle #sct #spt

happy to hear about the success for this project✌😎

Aren't some reward cards starting to run out also? Looks like everything's going to be depleted around the same time. Better get those new cards ready. :)

Awesome Aggy!!! Dont burn your cards people...everything is at a discount now

I think steemmonsters will eventually surpass steem market cap.

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It's great to see a solid project like @steemmonsters getting to new heights. I had to sell all my cards due our fucking situation here in Venezuela but I'm pretty sure the crypto Gods will smile upon me again and I'm gonna be back sooner rather than later. Regards boss.

Not a surprise @aggroed. The market has been teetering with just enough to get a few more cheaply cards with not a lot of depth in the offers. One tiny run in each card and all of the sudden it's double or more. Plus the amount of cards listed for many of the cards are a very tiny percentage of what is out there, and a lot of us aren't selling many of these until the prices get substantially higher, maybe then I will think about it but until then it's pretty sweet having a competitive deck. Plus there are a lot of people holding and waiting to acquire cards that are say... "mid level." I have been telling people close to me clean up on the cheap stuff now because the growth of the game as is, let alone any additional substantial growth will blow this market sky high in a hurry.


1 whale takes about 20k cards off the market
that's just for the cards for a good diamond deck. If they go into rental or anything else it could easily double that.

1 guild is likely to be ~300k cards off the market. It's good to hodl.

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The rollout of DEC was a HUGE move which has allowed people like me, who were struggling with "SteemMonsters burnout" to have a significant incentive to play the game outside of the quests. Then being able to sell DEC for upvotes was a HUGE move forward as we can now integrate the FRUITS of our gameplay into the larger Steem token economy (via SteemEngine). This has been my experience in the past month, and I have written in detail about this in my ongoing series : Great job you're doing!

What will happen if all booster packs are sold?


When the Beta boosters are sold out, the Beta will end soon after. Then, the 1.0 version will be rolled out in the weeks/months afterwards.


I think they have new packs on the shelf.


damn I was going to make a post on DEC market depth today.