$10,000 in Monsters in 9 days... Apparently you dig the game!

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So, here's a milestone post that I didn't expect. We just sold $10,000 worth of monsters!!! 4300 booster packs!!! Jeez.
The game is in alpha. It's just starting. You can't even fight!!! I'm completely floored by the overwhelming response!!!

I don't need to tell you I'm a sap. You likely already know. Some of you have heard my voice crack on msp-waves when I get emotional talking about things. I saw this picture from @dougkarr and at first I was excited. A day or two later it really hit me that these kids could get drawn into this game, and use their creativity to envision this whole monster world. I'll admit I cried.

I've been thinking about this game since 2014. I'm really excited by how it's turning out. The scope creep is already hitting me. Gotta put stories to all of this. I'm planning on putting some easter eggs into the game that I bet you're gonna love discovering. I'm working on a story arc for the game, and hoping that how you folks do inside the game will determine what that arc is. I see team play. I see paid tournaments with mega prizes. I'm working on it. We're probably going to hire some devs and bang this out asap.

First update is fired

Hopefully you saw the first update where now you can buy booster packs from one account and send to another. Hopefully you also started playing around with leveling up your cards.

Next update will likely include card stats

We're primarily trying to figure out how to get fighting live ASAP, but in the mean time we're going to be releasing our first planned stats and abilities table. That should come out in the next week and hopefully it'll be in game within two weeks. That way you'll know the rules and how good specific cards are likely to be. You could conceivably run your own scenarios of how the game will play out.

We're looking for some node.js and js developers that want to work with us

Please contact @yabapmatt and me in Discord if you're interested. Priorities include a functioning marketplace and a functioning fighting system.

Once these are in place we'll get the marketplace and fighting system up and running

Official account is @steemmonsters
website https://steemmonsters.com
Discord is https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY

Keep in mind the map contest is still going


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Wow, so touching! My kids and I are super thrilled about this and it’s a very cool way to get them deeper exposure to the STEEM echosystem while expanding their imaginary landscape with the already awesome Steem Monsters world you’re creating. I know all about scope creep from the creative dev on our @HardFork-series. It would be fantastic to compare notes one of these days! Congrats on your amazing launch!!

That is amazing, Just combined all my cards to level them up.

These are my babies.
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.07.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.07.17 PM.png

You know what we need ultra legendary only a handful, we need some shiny cards too and gif cards those can be ultra epic legendary and promo cards for winning tournaments.

we need like a MEW and a MewTwo type cards maybe even some GOD cards, wow getting too geeky with this but you know what I mean.


Shiny gif cards??? that would be amazing. I have already spent too much SBD on this and I fear that that addition would be very bad for my wallet.


Fancy seeing you here... maybe i'll grab a few packs knowing I know someone else who'll be playing.


We will have all of that and tournaments and 3d ipfs vr worlds to play the card games in thanks to @disregardfiat and his Project @dlux-io dlux.io and duuuude omg we will TOTALLY have holographic GIF shiney cards and we will have MANY features like EGGS and GROWING NEW monsters and breeding them like cryptokitties or Ether Shrimp Farm except instead of just an idle game we can battle with them and we can show the world that spending costly gas transactions for ethereum to play a game may seem cool at first but becomes old and on steem we can put in our OWN transaction fees of people WANT them LOL but we get to save SO much money by NOT having fees on our transactions so Our STEEM based games will have SO much more freedom!

also we will get to have BLOG POSTS about our Monsters so when you use the Steem Monster FRONT end that will SURELY be built in the future, we will get to allow players to have automated posts generated when they reach certain achievements and it will be stamped with a qr code of approval so these types of posts cant be faked it will all be on the blockchain u will be able to use your COMMENTS and POSTINg key as the key to these games like the POCKET tokens

DARE I SAY @biophill and his POCKET tokens now have a SUPREME purpose and NEW life?? Pocket tokens plus STEEM monsters = Steem POCKET monsters OOOH its PERFECT we can use pocket tokens as the in game currency to purchase Steem Balls to capture our steem pocket monster and we can use them to buy the rare candies and items in our game!!!!


The reason I think is because a lot of us understand how big blockchain gaming is going to be. I'm not saying you guys are necessarily going to pull it off. But you certainly seem like a honest, emotional and talented bunch of people creating this.

However, this is all ready looking so much more promising than boring cryptokitties. I'm sure there will be even more advanced games in the future, but Steem monsters is starting to form and look like a pretty decent concept.

Steem monsters got my attention because

  1. It worked like a charm. Not f... metamask. ZERO hazzle. No slow transactions on a clogged ethereum network which cant even deal with 1 mill transactions per day. Steem blockchain is perfect for gaming micro transactions. 1,9 million transactions per day at 0,15% capacity - not even scaled yet.

  2. Great graphics, cool art

  3. A transparent team with known members with a vision. You get the feeling that you're onboard wit the project. We're all explorers into the mystery cave that is blockchain (I'm definitely not going to write lore,lol)

So, it's deserved. And the great thing is that now you feel even more responsible of making this game great now that people have invested so much money :) No pressure!

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work! :)

I would get involved... But I have a feeling it will consume me and I will blow all my money...If I had more I would get involved

Monsters? What about a WARG his bird is yet to be drawn but it's work is made by @drawingly! Could be apart of a booster park! Not sure exactly what you're after but I think it could work!
WARGSEYE chibi.png


@drawingly is one of many amazing illustrators on steemit. They do need to get paid though. I really hope some money can go towards that. Real money, not game money. At least steem.


Yeah we're (@IFC) is paying here Steem. Even though we can't afford much @apolymask is doing the best he can he's a generous guy. I'm trying to help out as much as I can too! Will hopefully try and figure something out for her!


Well @aggroed made a post about getting people to draw the game map which requires both illustrations and 3-D skills as well as understanding cartography and the winner gets booster packs instead of steam.

Also, do these cards each have a unique wallet address? Or do many people have the same cards?


Wish I could participate in that! But I dont know ANYTHING about 3d or cartography. So I'm out of that. u_u


hey im still waiting on my paid YETI drawing, can you finish it ?


Refunded. I did the drawing a while ago, but I couldn't do the major changes on the image. Sorry. image.png


it's Kona Red a WARG from Cryptopia. Also has a Bird that it (WARGS) through called RED!

My kids are crazy over it. Great work.

I hate you guys for making this, It's so addicting. I can't stop.
LOL! I love it, But hate it at the same time LOL!!!


I'll take that as a compliment!

Just wait. The first major tournament will be worth at least 1000 SBD. You'll be smiling then.

I just spent more than I would like to admit, but at least I was able to walk away with these bad boys:


I am looking forward to seeing where this game goes. This is going to be an awesome ride.


You don't have to admit anything.. it's all on the blockchain .. don't you just love that!?! 👍


lol, you even missed a few from a day or two before that. They were smaller purchases though when I got my starter pack and the first few booster packs.


If I had more SBD to "burn", I would be in the same boat as you. I love trading cards ... And crypto! 🙂


I see it as somewhat of an investment at this point since the game is in alpha. There is so much growth opportunity that can happen with these investments right now.


I completely agree. It's like the lottery. You've gotta be in it to win it!

I bought a pack but I am still a little confused on the whole thing. I an artist myself and would love to be able to make a card or something sometime! I look forward to learning more about this whole game as well!

Congrats @aggroed, now "Stay On Target"

(Photo of me Pulling a Gold Dragon LIVE on @dlive)

I literally just bought my booster pack, on @DarkPylon my gaming account. I am so excited! Well done fellow Steemians. I am very interested in doing an interview with you, and streaming it on THE BIT! What is the best method of contacting you @aggroed ?


Wow, this is great. Kudos to you and your team. Can't wait to have this running

Woho can´t wait for the cards stats :) and great job with the platform, it feels so smooth compared to ETH games!! I am so excited about this project and of course, can´t wait to play !
Got so excited, I had to make a small post about it right away hehe

I'll admit I cried.

Pure joy, thanks for your efforts :)

You gret post nice

hell yea! thank you!

Congratulations @aggroed! You’ve created something amazingly cool on the Steem blockchain. I can’t wait to see how it evolves. We had so much fun buying our first few cards this past weekend.

I am interested and very excited @aggroed! I will check the links later after work! :)

Nice work @aggroed these steem monster cards sure are something my almost 5 year old will be running battles on my steemit monster cards in no time


That's my dream. I created this game with my kids in mind at the time.


That's it. I'm a strong believer in what we leave behind for our future generations and crypto can provide a life for those.

Already on a Legendary hunt. It'll be fun leveling these guys up and winning prizes! @ironshield

I am glad to say that I am one of those that has been supporting this vision of yours by purchasing the booster packs. I am so looking forward to this game. I see myself spending way too much SBD on this. Thank you for making the Steemit platform even more awesome.

Great work. Congrats!

I look forward to seeing how the game evolves after it gets out of alpha.

Love this kind of game and collecting cards. I hope that it will be available for mobile in the near future :-)

Dammit, I've been trying to avoid getting sucked into this. I could see it becoming addictive..and yet...so much fun...


Good post

I'm in... Trading cards plus magic plus Pokemon 😎

Congratulations guys you deserve it, im so hype for this! I hope this goes a long way

I love this SO SO much. Not to sound like a broken record, but I'm glad it's coming together so well!

Aww that is so great! I just bought my first packs aswell. Gotta be ready for when tournaments start! I really love the idea of a card game for steem, it can only lead to more interaction, so great job!

The beautiful thing will be beautiful

excellent, congratulations aggroed! You deserve it, this is a fantastic idea and coulod see a HUGE influx to the steem blockchain. Historic work my friend :)

congratulations bro

Congratulations for the game and its evolutionary development that will surely have, soon I can buy my first pack and play wait to play with others, although I will be at a disadvantage.

again congratulations and surely they will have a greater success than they are having when the whole game is released

The dimension that this game has reached in such a small amount of time is incredible and remarkable.

@aggroed you really created something that will influence this community...
I would like to say that your "To do list", as you shown on this post, is going on the right way.

My one the top of the neck neck with forward will it to all my hope left

frankly I as a reader who dear already saw your post I've seen and I've read I think your post is very good and quite interesting and very useful for me and for all friends steemian's all thanks

I just bought 11 booster packs and got 0 epic/legendary cards. What are the odds of getting one of these cards in a pack?

This could be one huge hit! Just picked up 10 booster packs myself I look forward to seeing what comes of this

so cute, cool and relaxing pics...

@Steemmonsters innovates everyday to keep users active..

As a huge MTG fan, this is really fucking cool and I can't wait to see it polished and working!

Love the concept - Is this going to involve concepts that Dominion have or more like Hearthstone? :D

Bought a couple and got one Legendary, no idea what that means as of yet but good work and looking forward to the future developments!

I just found out about it but its a great idea and WOW its doing so well


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