the tale of the battle of the longest wait..........

2년 전

My dearest SSG friends and my respected fellow contestants and to all the people of steemland..........


The day started early, very early, with the first rays of dawn, as the dew still drew fluid outlines upon the plants, so rose the Lady of Aurumnia, within the land of steem.
The fair and respected Lady sent word for her trusted aides.........


and the night was drawn long and filled with the restlessness of creatures, and following morning brought no news, and still the fair Lady waited, and waited, and waited. On the dawn of the third day the respected Lady had shown much patience and grace and did keep her troops at the ready. On the rise of the sun on the fourth day the respected Lady of much virtue did put forth a decree that the song be sung and a gasp was heard from all in the land of steem. A moment of silence hung heavy in the damp air of the battlefield, and then the order rang out;Let the song be sung!
and so in all the land of steem, as the fair lady and her troops waited, and over the quiet of the people as they listened, and some did smile, in all the ears of of every being and every creature the dulcet tones of the singers began to sing the song of brave Sir robin sorry Welshstacker who had once again bravely turned and fled when faced with the thought of meeting the fair Lady Velveteen on the battlefield:

following this much merriment was had accompanied by tea and biscuits which were heartily were enjoyed by all, rexxie began to stomp in delight but was told to decist as the tables kept breaking under his weight, the moon rose on the scene shining bright on the happy faces as word was sent to find brave sir robin sorry welshstacker and demand he does find the courage to battle.

tune in next week to see if brave sir robin sorry welshstacker has found the courage to face the fair Lady Velveteen, whose monsters are impatient to wipe the floor with the puny troops of Sir Welshstacker, Lady Velveteen gently strokes Cerberus and says soothingly 'don't worry my pet he can't run forever'

to be continued

steemmonsters rules!



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Great story. Looking forward to the next episode, @beckieg!


hiya my lovely friend i am glad you enjoyed it i am lucky sir welshstacker does not mind my gentle ribbing he knows i do it with good intention :) and i have the utmost respect and friendship for him however i do love a good battle :) and i had just found a new animation prgramme to play with so the tale of sir welshstacker was born :) long live steemmonsters :) hope you have an excellent day respect

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Brave Sir Robin......LMAO @beckieg

Hang on a minute!!! What did i miss???

If it's pistols at dawn or a steemmonsters battle, brave sir Robin shall greatly oblige.


my dear sir welshstacker your courage i respect and shall tell of it far and wide, many will know of your brave decision to once again face the amazing lady velveteen whose monsters are the envy of all in the land of steem, specially me blue team, :) soon we shall battle again and may the best monsters win, that would still be my monsters by the way :) my full respect to you sir welshstacker for you are the only man brave enough in all of the community of ssg to face the fair lady velveteen in battle you alone carry the award of only man foolish sorry brave enough to meet me in battle :) i shall make you a silver medal :)

So, is there a Steemmonsters card of Brave Sir Robin and his favorite minstrals?


oh my my dearest kerris how excellent of you to have this idea it really should be a thing shouldnt it ! if any steemmonsters people who can make this a thing read any of this please make it a thing :) i think it would be the best card, well the best card after my unicorn, or my wonderful killer of the seas, ok so it would be the best after a few others..........but still you know the best sort of, up there with the best something like that, :) thank you for visiting my lovely friend


Kind of looks a little like this.