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The problem may be that the Blockchain gives the Unique identifier for the card but is that enough information to know what TYPE of card and what LEVEL that card is at? Is there a way to query steem monsters to find that information out?
I've asked if they're going to include more info about the card (type) in the blockchain... if not we need another place where we can find this information. A place where this EXPLORER can find out more information about the cards that are being bought and traded back and forth.

I'm not a programmer but I'm very interested in this Steemmonsters Explorer being made and would likely contribute more packs to Your prize pool. But without these tools being around first i'm not sure it's possible yet.

So we may need those tools in place first.


I am sure that they will work on all these details and add more features to their website. I already noticed that they added new features since I registered there. The more people buy the cards, the more they can earn and spend on the new features. It is just matter of time :)


as a follow up there are indeed ways outside developers have been able to query and find out information about that card. Here is one of the two block explorers that find out information

They can decipher the level the card is out and what type of card and if it's gold/foil or not.

Lots of things have happened in 11 days!!


That is interesting, level 8 with 0/200. is this higher/more significant than a legendary ??

I can so see this taking off and factions being formed (Team Fire!)
Can't believe already $40,000+ worth of digital cards has been sold, what an era to be alive...I can see this evolving, rules and abilities constantly being tweaked as people find ways to make unbeatable decks until a singularity is formed bridging the rules of the game being played out and the rarity of certain cards... This can really take off looking forward to see how this all plays out... imagine it gets so big that they start printing actual cards which can then be PSA graded and traded in the physical world for cryptocurrencies...

This is my best card after 15 packs... Any good? Haha

berniesanders giveaway.png
Thank you for give away, this is cards what i get in pack. thanks.


Sehr gut
Lightning Dragon fehlt mir noch


hahaha... I'm sure you got a couple better than that Asher


just a couple, I'm holding out for a bernie megapack :D

(VP recharge day!)


@abh12345 lol... good luck, I hope you get it ;)

I have got it this is my card ;)

I am not into it that well but I got one of the legendary one ;)


Free Cards I will never miss that , I think these will be quite efficient early game low cost cards but it is hard to say stuff without release :D

Ok I'm now in starter and 3 booster packs.
Hope this will be fun for all and prove to be a wise investment.


Best i have so far

Really looking forward to winning that golden dragons + all your other cards dear mister sir!

just spent and no epic or legandary.. and Ihave to wait until September? OUCH!!!

i need that one chromatic Dragon

Is voting and following the only criteria. Well I did but everyone is showing their cards so let me show mine.

I am planning on Auctionning my only legendary so that I justify spending more on my new addiction.... Steemmonsters. HELP ME TO GET MORE PACKS; I NEED IT!

Auctionning my pride and joy

I bought a starter and a booster. Coolest card I got.

-11 Woot! Movin' on up!!

edit: added screenshot of card and edited text.

Only 13 millions to build your rep back from negative.

Sure, I'll take a chance to win, it's worth a try! Shame I can't get the dragon though.

Great! Thank you for doing this, I hope contests like this one spread the steemmonsters good word on the platform!

Great stuff.

And I see that your rep is making a comeback.

Hi, Can you give some preview of how the game will be played? upvoted, followed since Rando era lol

I hope I win!

I hope I have the chance to win this chromatic dragon @berniesanders


That's a joke right???


Can I join your family

Did you level up any cards or are you waiting to see how the stats pan out?

Done and done

If I already followed it, is it still a valid participation entry only upvoting?



I'm happy to see you promoting the block explorer idea and having some fun on the STEEM blockchain. Fun bernie is so much more fun than evil whale bernie. :)

Good luck to everyone !

I have got it this is my card ;)

I am not into it that well but I got one of the legendary one ;)


In addition to the steem monsters blockchain explorer it would be nice if we could see a record of all the cards we have purchased, traded, and received as gifts under the "Card Packs" section of the Steem Monsters website.

@berniesanders - these are awesome. It's crazy how quickly they've taken off.

... and here is my 100% vote ;-)
Wish me luck guys ;-)

The plastic guy

P.S. I'm following you and I voted you as Witness ;-)

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here is my vote, I hope to have the opportunity to win my first legendary card

Yesterday I bought my starter pack and my first booster pack. I won't miss a giveaway if that gives me a chance to earn extra cards 😃.

My Legendary Cards :)


My Epic Collection


My favorite rare card

I too have voted and commented.
I qualify for the reward😂😂

250 packs is an awesome incentive, I don´t have the skills to do that, but it would be amazing to have a steemmonters explorer. (like all major games have)

Let's get lucky!!
Btw it will be 1 winner getting 5 packs, of 5 different winners?

Thanks for the giveaway !

here is my beautiful angel! bless us all for luck wining the giveaway ;D

Upvoted and following. Please pick me @berniesanders... I've been hearing you bought the most packs.
I know you don't want to show... But would love to have a sneak peak at what you have. However it is great inspiration for someone to build an explorer set up.

I get a card from @ngc thank you very much. i just forgot what card i get. But, it's a card between common or rare card i guess, because my epics and legendary card still same like before. But, thank you. 😊

This is AWESOME!!!


I wanna win so badly! Yu-Gi-Oh ruled my childhood, steem monsters will rule my adulthood... save me Im going to the moon!!!

I'm just wondering if Bernie had people in school growing up to steal all the answers to his test the day before. He definitely had the GAME GENIE for his NES.

@berniesanders Grateful that you are here on STEEMIT and everyone would like some STEEM MONSTERS even me. Don't have any yet..................

As instructed followed & upvoted 100%!


Been too busy curating, organizing, and leadING a community, i had almost no time left for fun.....hope you see my most pitiful message thus far in 2018!

I am completely new to this kind of stuff. Can you please explain in details what are these cards ?

Thank you.


Saw this and thought of you. It's sitting in an abandoned military ruin in Northern Peru

I didn't understand this concept. Is this a game? Will you give me a card if it is so? I'm waiting to be considered for this victory since I am following you for few months now and also upvoted this post.