Steem Monsters: Gold III Level Reached - Guaranteed 35 Limited Edition Cards!


Great news everyone! It has been a few days since season 4 started and I have already reached the Gold III level.

I am guaranteed to receive 35 limited edition cards and there are still 12 days left to climb the ranking. The higher I go the more cards I stand to receive at the end of the season!

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

I also think its important for new members to understand that the higher you go the stronger your opponents will become. At some point during the season you will have to get a stronger team if you want to progress to the Champion level.

When I first started I faced similar challenges and because of that I decided to level up my monsters in order to progress to even higher levels. Luckily for me I bough quite a number of alpha cards from the marketplace when the alpha booster packs were sold out.

This was the only reason why I managed to level up my death team.

Read all about my experience with @cryptomancer in this article: Bought 7 Steem Monsters Alpha Booster Packs from Cryptomancer

Get Your Starter Set Now

If you're interested in playing the game but you don't have the cards then you might as well buy a starter set for $10 through the Steem Monsters project.

Limited time offer: Join my Discord server and pay only $7.50 for a starter set. Join Bitcoinkings server!

The starter set will include 30 pre-defined cards and a brand new Steemit account with enough resource credits for a few battles.

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

Steem Monsters Battle Playlist

Check out the latest battle preview playlist if you are interested in learning more about Steem Monster. The playlist will be updated on a regular basis now that the new season has started. Subscribe to the playlist:

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

Please follow @bitcoinkings for updates and don't forget to share some crypto love:

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Just in case you haven't read my previous post: Steem Monsters: Earned 25 Beta Booster Packs For Reaching Champion II During Season 2!

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

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