FREE SM CARDS - SteemMonsters Cards Giveaway #77  - 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow


Who wants to win this SteemMonsters Card for FREE

I will give this card to ONE of you who comment this post.

How to JOIN the Giveaway:

  • Comment whatever you want about the STEEMMONSTERS

  • No Upvote / No Resteem required (but appreciated)

  • No Follow required (but appreciated and it's going to be easier to participate of the next Giveaway)

  • The card will be sent in the post payout

It's so easy to participate.

Start to play SteemMonster

It's an amazing game and I'm sure you will like it.

If you are not playing STEEMMONSTERS yet, sing in using this link

I hope to see you soon in the next GIVEAWAY tomorrow!!!

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Great card for battle!Thanks!

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I am addicted to SM and the Goblin Mech would be awesome.
To be serious... at this point in my SM career every card would be awesome to level up ;)
Thanks for your Giveaway posts.

Hi. Since I started playing steemmonsters I became addicted to that game. It seems wonderful because it makes us think and analyze each play and the strategy we are going to use to win. I want to win that card, it's very powerful and I want to participate in the contest with this comment. Greetings.

I just got wrecked by a surprise goblin mech lol

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I love this game

the lucky girl !

Participando 😍

I love this contest

Good work

I took a break from playing the game but I am now playing again.


I took a break from
Playing the game but I am
Now playing again.

                 - stever82

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

  ·  지난달

I love it.

thanks for the giveaway

Good Luck