FREE SM CARDS - SteemMonsters Cards Giveaway #1

11개월 전

Who wants to win this SteemMonsters Cards for free

I will give this card to ONE of you who upvote and comment this post.

How to JOIN the Giveaway:

  • Comment whatever you want about the STEEMMONSTERS
  • Upvote this Post
  • Resteem is optional (but appreciated)
  • Follow is optional (but appreciated and it's going to be easier to participate of the next Giveaway)

It's so easy to participate.

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I want to play in the Future SteemMonsters, because I have actually less Steem

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When you start to play SteemMonster use this link:

I sure you will like the game, it's really good.

I hope to see you soon!!!

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This card is no good in sneak attack and melee attacks can attack from anywhere rule sets, the splash damage is awesome and you got my upvote


Congratulations you won the card.

Card sent to you.

I hope to see you in the next giveaway.

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Sweet dude


Thanks for your participation.
This giveaway already had a winner.
But there are another giveaway running right now.

I hope to see you back soon.
Join us.
I wish you good luck in the next giveaway.

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Don't play Steem Monsters...sorry.