One unforgivable mistake - and I drop out of the tournament right now

2년 전


Hi, how about a reportage right on the fresh tracks, huh?

Tournament started with 62 players checked in, and Qualifier round started with ... 60 players!
While entry you can see much more bigger: 112 players (vs 62)

So, I also got into the qualifying round vs @goldfashioned and it was not easy, 'cos I lost the last seconds of battle confirmation and "has fled the battlefield"

But everything worked out and I was able to win two subsequent fights:

=>the battle itself<=

=>the battle itself<=

And a strange person was in the 2nd Round, maybe he have the connection troubles.. 'cos he's never came up for the fight. Both times.

So ok, I said to myselft - hope to win next round - and I did this!
It was 8 vs 8 and @naraya as a rival: 2 wins : 0 lost

=>the battle itself<=

=>the battle itself<=

Really good tactics it was against - with the Rise OF the Commons
to install +1 & +1 DMG for the Haunted Spirite and two Seanekers

=>the battle itself<=

For the next fight we chose the same decks and the victory depended only on the luckier one. I was lucky:

=>the battle itself<=

...and the last one - with the mistake
=>the battle itself<=

I still don't know why I 've putted the Creeping Ooze to the dack what the Rule was Reverse Speed!
So, I gave the opponent an advantage:

So, while I am writing this @colovhis became the champion!

Good Game @colovhis!

Join this wonderful game - and you'll get your own experience, victories and emotions!

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