Steem Monsters Royal Flush!

2년 전


Actually, I do not support posts in which there is only a picture with a quest daily reward. ...You know - these are the usual regular publications.

But dropping a legendary card in a quest is already a big holiday, because it usually looks like:
Common, Common, Common ...

The next day rose higher in the rating - there will be one more card rewarding!
... and again: common, common, common, common ... uhhh!

So I got a real Steem Monsters Royal Flush!
Common Exploding Dwarf
Rare Maga Fire Wizard
Epic Daria Dragonscale
Legendary Lord Arianthus

Okeey - all cards a regular (and I think nobody can get 4 Gold Foil cards at once), but the Royal Flush! 👍

I hope someday to get the Gold Foil Legendary Card.

Wish all us luck!

And wrote me in the comments - what did you get.

Join this wonderful game - and you'll get your own experience, victories and emotions!

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