Interview With @Yabapmatt On All Things Tournament Related

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Hi Friends!

I was super excited to have the opportunity to sit down with Steem Monsters Co-Founder @yabapmatt to discuss everything tournaments related. In fact - He gave me a sneak peak of what the tournament screen could look like! It's so fresh off the press that not even @aggroed had seen it yet.

What We Chatted About...

  • Before jumping into some of the more technical aspects of tournaments - let's get high level for a second. For those who are new to Steem Monsters - can you give us a quick run down on what the tournaments are and how they are different from what is going on right now?
  • How often will there be tournaments? Is it all day every day, or just on the weekends, or what? And will players be slated to play against their level of players, just as they are in the testing phase?

  • Will only Steem Monsters host tournaments - or will other dApps, groups or communities have the opportunity to form their own tournaments?

  • Will some tournaments have an entry fee?

  • What kind of tiers will there be for tournaments? Will there be opportunities for people to earn at various levels?

  • Will the gameplay be similar in tournaments as they are in battles (mana cap, rules of combat, assembling your team after seeing your opponent etc.) - or will you guys be throwing us different curveballs?

  • Will prize money come in the form of STEEM, SBD, fiat, cards/packs?

  • Can you give us a sneak peak of what the design concepts for the tournaments will look like?

  • Will tournaments be set and forget, or will you need to be live on the game to play?

  • Will the leaderboard be wiped clean at the beginning of every season?

  • As I understand it, the prize money will come from 1/3 of the revenue from weekly booster pack sales. What if there is a really slow week or month in sales? How do you plan to keep the prizepool fairly consistent so the public does not loose interest? Will you have a reservoir of prizepool savings to compensate for it?

  • Will tournaments always be individuals playing each other, or will there be guild wars?

  • Ok... now for the question everyone has really been waiting for? Will @rustle ever be made into a Steem Monster??

  • How have beta booster pack sales been going? Are you selling as expected, faster, slower?

  • Once tournaments are live - how will that help springboard your marketing efforts?

Sneak Peak at the Tournament Page

Matt was cool enough to share the very first preview of what the tournament page could look like! Of course things may change - but you can see that it is clearly and intuitively designed. People will be able to open the tab - see the countdown timer to when the next tournaments are happening, quickly view how many players are allowed, the entry fee, host of the tournament etc.


Rustle As A Steem Monster?

Just to job your memory...

Ok... now for the question everyone has really been waiting for? Will @rustle ever be made into a Steem Monster??


@rustle made a guest appearance in our interview and although Yaba can't promise anything... he definitely did not rule out the possibility of Rustle eventually becoming a monster. He even mentioned that maybe there could be a design contest or something.

I think @trisquelwhare who designed the above card to share on the @steemmonstershow would have a good headstart on that!

Love Everything Monsters? Catch the Steem Monster Show LIVE Every Wednesday!

For all you Monster fans out there... @littlescribe and I host the @steemmonstershow every Wednesday where we chat about all things Steem Monsters. We have a super fun group of regular's - from newbies to people you wish you could beat on the leaderboard alike. We love having @o07 chiming in with his thoughts and opinions every week. As our in house Maverick - he does a great job of bringing his experience to the show and helping us all improve our game.

We always meet in the Contest Kings Discord and stream to Vimm, Twitch and YouTube. Check out the @steemmonstershow page for the weekly announcement and details on how to find us.


New to Steem Monsters?

I hope that this interview helped to break things down in a way that feels more approachable. As a non gamer turned Monster fan, I get that sometimes all the strategy and technicalities can feel a little overwhelming. If you have any questions at all about Steem Monsters - leave them below and I'll do my best to help.

If you are new to the game as well - consider using my referral link to sign up for your starer pack.

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The Interview

Here you guys go. Enjoy.

Monster Kisses!

I hope that both newbies and more experienced monster fans alike found this interview helpful. Love you guys and I look forward to chatting with you in the comments below!

Xo, Lea



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