Some upcoming Steem Monsters plans


So, as I'm getting started working with this project again now that winter's icy grip is slipping away, I thought I'd write a post about some things I've got coming in the pipeline.

  • In April, we're going to start giving rewards in a Steem-Engine token rather than specific cards. We'll allow you to buy cards, delegations, and some other things with the tokens, as well as trading them for Steem on the S-E exchange. Since that's just a week from now some of that may not be up on the first, but this will allow us to give universal rewards for multiple games, to reward pack purchases through our affiliate, and probably some other things.

  • I'm sort of minimally thinking about doing some staking, where I delegate cards to an account and give someone the posting key, and they play, getting paid in Steem or in our new token for every rewards edition card they generate. If you're interested in doing that, let me know and I might move it up the to-do list.

  • I'm working on the first minimum viable product of a Steem Monsters utility program, which will be available by subscription to the general public but for free to CGS-affiliated users. Right now the main thing it does is automatically claim daily quests at the first possible time, and reject unwanted ones, thus getting more quests into any given amount of time than doing it manually. That part is built but I need to put together the authorization protocol and the interface. (If time suits I may also have it do automatic checkin for tournaments.)

  • I really, really need to get logos made. That I haven't really started yet. If anyone out there is interested in trading logos for monsters, let me know.

  • I'm playing around with the idea of selling Monsters loot boxes - basically multi-edition packs at different price points, probably 5c, 50c, and $5. Since the official site isn't grabbing that market I figure maybe I can on resale. I have a lot of monsters and should be able to build some attractive sets of cards for the RNG to choose from.

  • All of this really needs a web interface to work well, and that's kind of the second-wave of the project - get some of this stuff done and available through transaction commands, then take some time and build it all into a Keychain-compliant website. What I've seen of that code doesn't look too hard, but it's been about 17 years since I did any web coding work and a lot of things have changed on me. So that's going to be an adventure.

  • And of course beyond that, gathering customers really depends on finding at least one other game, and hopefully a few. There were a couple I was looking at in early January before getting snowed under, and I need to get back to that.

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