Steem Monsters ability chart by summoner level, neutral cards

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As I've been leveling up my accounts, I've found I really wanted this chart, so I thought I would make one for you. As monsters level up, they gain abilities, and some of these are extremely important - attack for Swamp Thing and Goblin Shaman, Heal for Flesh Golem, Blast for Fire Demon, and so on. Knowing where those abilities come in is very important for deciding how to level up your teams. Since leveling up always begins with your summoner, I've decided to group new abilities by rare summoner level. To keep this from being huge, I'll split it into separate posts by splinter.


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Summoner Level 1: Inherent Abilities

Grumpy DwarfReach
Elven CutthroatSneak
Rusty AndroidMagic Reflect
Creeping OozeSlow
Goblin MechPiercing
Enchanted PixieFlying
HobgoblinDouble Strike
Raging ImpalerPiercing
Lord ArianthusShield, Void

Summoner Level 2: Level 3 Commons, Level 2 Rares and Epics

No new abilities.

Summoner Level 3: Level 4 Commons, Level 3 Rares, Level 2 Legendaries

Creeping Ooze4Melee Attack
Lord Arianthus2Magic Reflect

Summoner Level 4: Level 5 Commons, Level 4 Rares, Level 3 Epics

Grumpy Dwarf5Enrage
Raging Impaler3Enrage

Summoner Level 5: Level 6 Commons, Level 5 Rares, Level 4 Epics, Level 3 Legendaries

Goblin Mech6Stun
Enchanted Pixie5Inspire
Lord Arianthus3Thorns

Summoner Level 6: Level 8 Commons, Level 6 Rares, Level 5 Epics

Raging Impaler5Shield

Summoner Level 7: Level 9 Commons, Level 7 Rares, Level 4 Legendaries


Summoner Level 8: Level 10 Commons, Level 8 Rares, Level 6 Epics

No new abilities.

Neutrals get almost all of their abilities from the beginning. Only six of sixteen cards see significant improvements with leveling, and they're focused on Levels 3 and 5. Apart from the Legendaries, Neutrals are largely about single abilities and stats.

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Thanks once again, @cryptogamestrat/ @tcpolymath. These charts are very helpful.