Using Goblin Sorcerer in Melee Mayhem may not be such a good idea.

2년 전

I thought this battle was interesting:


Melee Mayhem rules allow monsters to attack the tank from any position, so my Stonesplitter Orc here is key. Holger's Goblin Sorcerer attacks it first thing, doing damage and putting it into Enrage mode, which combined with Inspire from the Brownie gave it nine attack points. Holger's Flesh Golem, which I'm sure he was expecting to last several rounds, instead is done in three attacks. And his Stonesplitter Orc never gets to attack in Enrage mode; my Flesh Golem knocks out its armor at the end of round 1 and then my Orc blows it up with that huge attack at the beginning of round 2.

This is a good example of a spot where even if you can make an attack you might not want to. The Goblin did some damage, but in doing so it made sure the rest of the team would get wiped out quickly. Having Enrage monsters in the back in Melee Mayhem, where they can get triggered by sneakers, is a nice strategy, and one you have to watch out for.

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