It PAYS to PLAY Steem Monsters! Oh! Did someone say poker?

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Over the last 3 days it has been my sincerest pleasure to have been selected to host a few tournaments for @therealwolf.

The very first day which happened to be Christmas Eve, I woke up with about an hour or so to prepare for the match, which created a fair amount of anxiety within me as I was quite worried that something bad was going to happen due to my lack of experience.

Not that I don't have faith in my ability to pull it off, but it was my very first time using this new site at all, so as you might imagine, there was room for me to make plenty of errors.

Somehow, it managed to go off without much of an issue at all! I was stoked to see that over 100 people signed up for the very first one! Everyone did what they were supposed to do, they came, they battled, and they took home some STEEM!

One of my favorite battles of all time happened today here's the link

While watching this I was stoked to see someone not only using a Gold Foil Angel of Light, but kicking ass with her too! @pizzachain for the win on that one!

Today's battle was an especially fun one because everyone finally got to really use their Gold Foil cards they have been so anxiously waiting to play with. All cards were allowed to be played up to gold league stats. If you're familiar with Steem Monsters, then you probably know just how much these players have invested in these extra-rare cards to be used for specific types of tournaments.

Aside from the fact that the bear market has collapsed prices, one can see in the image above or by looking on the Steem Monsters Market that it's no joke how much players have spent on their Gold Foil collections, some have spent well over 20-30 thousand USD just on gold foil cards alone.


The answer is simple, it's because these cards can make them money, every single day, for as long as people keep playing Steem Monsters. Which in my opinion and if I have anything to do with it, will be a very long time. Over time, this effect makes Steem Monsters priceless. To sell them when you can use them to make money every single day is just plain lunacy!

Just this morning, I gave away the 100 STEEM that was sponsored by a witness here on Steemit. Thanks again for your contribution @therealwolf, it's people like you that will keep Steem Monsters in the top of the charts!

Coin transfer to @glory7 (50.000 STEEM)
Amount: 50.000 STEEM
ID: 3ba5f83e782df1290355ed3a6da9e78a8b7a7c14

Coin transfer to @pizzachain (25.000 STEEM)
Amount: 25.000 STEEM
ID: 3d55c6da0895bc1fd6d3978da15b8459fb64cefc

Coin transfer to @tufkat.monsters (15.000 STEEM)
Amount: 15.000 STEEM
ID: e5214546c191c2cdc28a7bacc970df30e2b9dcab

Coin transfer to @smon-joa (10.000 STEEM)
Amount: 10.000 STEEM
ID: f260e760d00142c09defb666a43bc77b95973d3e

I know that to some people, it may not sound like much to win 50 STEEM for taking first place when you potentially have several hundred thousand STEEM invested in your card collection, but this is just one tournament, out of who knows how many there are to come. Also, that type of investment is limited to very few people, and only really applies to them anyways.

You can think of it this way, as @steemmonsters pointed out the other day in one of their posts. Steem Monsters is a promotional platform now. Since tournaments have been released, you can easily promote ANYTHING by simply offering a prize that's relative to your business/motive/etc.

For example, if you are the owner of @steembasicincome, you can pitch a promotion to your followers for a tournament where they can win shares (SBI). To enter the tournament you could have a person send their typical 1 STEEM per SBI with a different/amended memo to include a request to join whatever tournament it is you might be hosting. The prize pool will then be paid by the fees generated to enter as opposed to just giving them away for free.

That's one idea, and you can apply it anywhere! This also opens up spaces for things like Escrow Services, because everyone wants to feel secure in knowing that they will actually be given the prize they compete for. What I mean is, if you are hosting a tournament and giving away something of high value, people might not always be willing to trust that you will deliver on your promise to pay them what they are owed upon completion, particularly if you are very new to the STEEM community itself.

Let me explain a little more for those of you who might be new around here.

  1. The developers of this game are professionals in their respective fields and they are dedicated to the idea of making this game increasingly profitable to play.

  2. Many people have already started to make money just by using their cards in the first few tournaments that have recently been held, since the launch of the most recent update which allows a person to challenge an opponent at the click of a button.

  3. You can quite literally sit back and play games all day to potentially win lots of money, seems like a no-brainer.

  4. Steem Monsters is just a slice of the pie, there's much more to it than meets the eye! The best part is that you aren't just limited to playing one game to enjoy your experience.

Not only have I been hosting these Steem Monsters tournaments for other people, I plan to do some of my own soon too. Also, on a side venture I've been trying to find as many poker players as I can to join in on my daily tournaments, where I have been giving away not only NLC2 (NoLimitCoin) but gold foil Steem Monsters too! If you are at all interested in playing in any of these tournaments, it would be my pleasure to invite you to tonight's game, and every game that follows.

My time is limited but I am certainly open to receiving a few more sponsors/investors who would like to promote their business and or personal events through my poker tournaments. The same way you can use Steem Monsters to promote yourself, you can also use poker. If you would like to talk more on that subject please join my Discord and send me a private message there.

For those of you who are interested in joining one of the BIGGEST Steem monsters Tournaments to date, if not the biggest, I will be hosting a 2500 STEEM tournament for @berniesanders on New Year's Eve. You can enter by clicking here and going to Challonge to register. You will also need to join the Monster Tournaments Discord to be able to participate in the discussion and make sure you are aware of all the rules.

Well it's been fun but, this is getting lengthy, I have a lot more to say but I guess I'll save it for later.

NOW it's poker time!

Tonight's poker prize will be this sexy Gold Foil Beta Edition Silvershield Knight!

Also, 100 NLC2 will be in the prize pool.

This will be the eighth match held on NoLimitCoin Poker where you can win Steem Monsters!

Here's how you win.

Step 1. Sign up and/or login at NoLimitCoin Poker

Step 2. Join my CHILL Discord Server

Step 3. Tag me (@crystalhuman) in the channel #steem-monsters-poker, & leave a comment with your username on NoLimitCoin Poker, and your STEEM username so I can register you into my poker games.

(There is no need to do this more than one time.)

Step 4. Wait for me to announce the game details, join the match, play!

(Each match will be announced 4-8 hours in advance.)

Step 5. WIN!

Come join the fun in the Official Steem Monsters Discord

Follow me! Your favorite human.

Play Steem Monsters!

Today's round will start at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

Good luck! See you at the table!

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It was a great tourney. I wish we have more gold card only ones, so that people may have more incentive to buy packs.

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This is a cool initiative. Doubt my cards are good enough to make a dent in it but will give it a shot if home. Would be better if the poker portion was SPL poker so it used Steem all around btw.

That's awesome! I'm glad the community has been growing rapidly since the launch. I'm trying to get into it by buying some Gold Foils! :) Hopefully we'll be able to make a deal and I can take the Angel of Light off your hands! :D


Maybe hehehe

Resteemed. The tournament was a lot of fun, even if the current organisation via challonge is sometimes painful, but you managed it very well @crystalhuman. And of course, the Angle of Light with her resurrect feature is also awesome. Congratz to @pizzachain and @glory7

At the current stage of SteemMonsters I would recommend to limit GoldFoil-Tournaments to Silver or Bronze-Level, otherwise it is too much InvestToWin.

Fun fact: I was matched with @smon-joa in the first round, and we met in the match for place 3 again :-)


Nice! It was a lot of fun to host, I am definitely looking forward to doing this more. :) Thanks @tufkat!


Challonge is its own monster. It's very good at what it does, but you do have to know how to use it. Nowadays, I swear by it for bracketing purposes.


I don't like it since I'm not able to register "tufkat.monsters", because the dots "." are not allowed in the name. If your opponent is not in Discord and has the same issues with his username, it's difficult to challenge him.


ahhaha Don't worry, @yabapmatt will have this all coded in to SM SOON.



Nice blog buddy
lets keep the snowball rollin!!

I signed up for your poker a week ago but didn't get an invite so far, where/how to expect or check for invite?

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You will need to be in the Discord that I put in the instructions :)


Step 2. :)

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