SeedGerminator Promo Cards Received – Thought on what to do with them

5개월 전

Yesterday was a sort of Christmas day for the Steem Monsters players. Reward cards from the season ending and a promo cards from the SeedGerminator crowdfunding campaign. The campagne happened in mid April and I participated in it.

The interesting thing is that I won the SEED tokens needed for the campaign on a Steem Monsters tournament. All the cards below are a fruit of that tournament.

Here are the cards I got from the campaign:


The most of cards, a total of 66 out of 100, are the new common summoner (the first card). It gives plus magic attack to all the monsters played with him. The downside is that he is a 5 manna. I also got a golden version of him.

The golden harpy is the gem in this collection. It is worth around 50$ at the moment. I can see this one easily goes to a 100$ in a near future. Just I’m not sure will I have the patience 😊. Except for the cards above I also got a starter pack and a 12 Beta packs.

There was a nice card in those beta packs as well.


This one is around 20$ on the market the moment.
All in all, yesterday I got around a 100$ worth of cards. Nice!

Plans for the promo cards

Firs let’s look the following chart.


This is the supply of the different type of SM cards. The red line for Beta, yellow for Reward cards, green for Alpha cards and the light blue line are the promo cards.

We can see a massive spike in the supply of the promo cards. When there is a massive supply in a short period of time on a market it is clear what will happen with the price of them at this moment. It will go at the bottom. So, this is a time to buy promo cards, not to sell 😊.

This is what I’m thinking to do with the promo cards at the moment.

1.Cards I’m keeping

  • The gold foil summoner Delvin Dragonscale, plus I have bought one more to upgrade it to level 5. The reason is that gold cards are giving more DEC, plus the value of this one will probably be much higher in the future,
  • The regular foil Harpy. This one is just a great card with the new ability opportunity. Attacking the opponent with the lowest health, and cost only 2 manna. But it needs to be on level 4 for that ability. So, I will need to buy some more.

2.Cards I’m selling

  • The regular foil, Delvin Dragonscale. I will be using the gold edition of him so no need for the regular foil,
  • The golden Harpy. This card is just out of my league at the moment. I like to play the cards I have, and it is too much of a value in a single card for me now. It will help me level up the other cards,
  • Dragonling Bowman. This is a sneak ranged unit with 4 manna. The first of its kind 😊. I had the temptation to keep this one but at the end decided to sell. I like to keep my attack focused and the easiest way to do that is attacking the first unit. So sneak, out of the plans for the moment.

This said, now I need the patience not to sell the promo cards immediately and keep the at least for a week or a month.

Another look at the chart
The green line. The only one going down. The alpha cards. I have posted about them before. Those are getting more and more scarce. The trend will likely continue in the future. With no more cards printed, and the ones left being burned or leveled up the price can go only one way. They are earning more DEC then the Beta packs, so this will drive the demand for them as well. The gold alpha foils are at the top.

All the best

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