7 days delegation-Steem Monsters account ( My experience)

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My experience


Hi there! Today I share a different post (not my art). This time it is a comment about my experience in a Steem Monsters account with high level cards.

I found the post from @MelloFello where I announced a raffle whose prize was the delegation account https://peakmonsters.com/@chasingunicorns/collection for 7 days. All you will earn with this account during those days was the prize. I must admit that I did not understand exactly how it would work. But reading the comments I understood a little more.

As you can see I participate in art contests to get Steem Monsters cards. If it were not for that I do not think I'd even get silver in the ranked haha

And ... I won the raffle. At first I was afraid, as if to break something if I touched it haha. It was a stranger account and far more valuable than my own. But MelloFello told me not to be afraid, to have fun and to learn as much as I can.
I was surprised when I found out that he raised the account to Diamond 3, so he already had many reward cards, the season ended in three days, certainly I would not have reached that much.

I reviewed the last battles to see how fighting in this league. After seeing some cards and abilities I dared to play one ranked and I earn points to reach Diamond 2. With that already had 50 reward cards. I dedicated myself to playing novice, bronze, silver and gold tournaments.

I got the 12th position and won 2 steem in the second tournament I played. In the next one I only got to position 14, I got 1 more steem. And the last tournament I played I won 3 steem.
I noticed that I was doing better in the silver tournaments, I think by the level of the cards. In novice I could not win anything hahah

I met a lot of cards and abilities as "thorms" and "poison" I struggled to adapt to so many skills. I still have doubts about some.

I also saw when playing with this account that monsters with "blast" help a lot, and that the position of my healer was important. In addition to the double attack are useful, I liked the small card "Shilvershield Archers" with Selena Sky earned considerable damage.
Cards like "Lord Arianthus" become important with so many skills. Several times I used it badly and sometimes it was very helpful.
I was getting used to the account. When I returned to my account I felt that I was missing cards, skills, etc.

It was a good experience, I had a lot of fun and I learned several things. And I won prizes! I would have liked to get a black dragon card, but it's not important, I got more than I expected. So I would like to thank @MelloFello again for the opportunity.
I leave a video of the reward cards that I opened.

Here is the link of the current contest of delegation. Good luck!

Thank you for reading this post. I apologize for my English, I hope it was not very bad.

💙💛🧡Thanks for your time 🧡💛💙


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Hi, I’m glad you had a great experience playing with the chasingunicorns account! I remember how much fun I had with the different abilities. Appreciate you sharing your experience playing. We love to see this and hope you continue to have fun with the game.

@edithbdraw, don’t give yourself the Steem Monster upvote. I will give you my vote when I’m out of cooldown. 🙂


Thank you very much for the support 😊😊😊


You're welcome. @mellofello and I are teammates so we are both happy to show our support. He does all the hard work. ;)

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope you continue enjoy playing this game!

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Of course, thanks! ✨✨