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I have absolutely no idea about what I am doing but it looks like I am pushing the boundaries of silver III on the ladder.

To be honest, I was skeptical about the game when it's first released but considering the progress and gameplay so far, I am impressed.

Will probably spend moar STEEM on these imaginary cards.

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Best of luck for whatever you are doing with it.

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Welcome to the community! It is definitely an engaging experience particularly now that a couple of tournaments are starting to be setup! Although manual, they have been fun as well!

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My deck is not nice. It will be more fun with a nice deck. (Yes I'm a noob) :D

Good man!

SM is keeping me entertained at present, and more cards just for playing? Yes please!

Steem monsters is a great addition to Steem community. Couldn't have come at better time with the hard fork mess.

So, you too like to waste money and just wait in front of your screen?


I swear I tried to understand what I was looking at and just gave up.

Have no idea how this is supposed to be fun


I guess it is fun, once you invested a lot of money, because.. Well you invested a lot of money, so it has to be fun..?


Won all the cards I have from different contests. I don't have the leisure of game money o.o