Climbing the ladder

5개월 전

Promoted to Gold today. The target is diamond level. We're just starting. 🤓

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hey dear witness it was my birthday can u give me a sm card as a gift ? @emrebeyler ( steemit is our home @ned is our father and you are our uncle <3 )


I can give you a hug o/

Wow bro really good.
I don't have a lot of cards so mine is only level 1.. but im climbing my way
Currently bronze I (700)

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force of fire :)

Screenshot_2019-01-04 Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Maybe I'il catch up with you in the next cycle. :)


Lets see :-)

You have a nice collection. It's especially nice to see a decent gold collection as there is going to be Gold only tournaments. I'm very sensitive about spending my STEEM on this bear market. I'm actually selling almost all of my reward cards. I'll be buying after a good bull run from STEEM.

I'm also currently at Gold. I'm not sure I'll make it any further with my current collection.


Yeah, current market prices dont help :/

Its not my birthday but could I get a hug?

I’m currently stuck at Silver Level 2 :) I’m keeping Teams busy here going up and down the Silver league.

Lower levels are a good learning point, I keep checking top leagues battles including their cards choices and arrangement because one day i will be there ...

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see you on top leagues! :-)

This is one of my favourite Red team composition.