No drugs just Steemmonsters and egg sacks.


I am 8 and i love STEEMMONSTER CARDS!!!Here are the reward cards i won.
My dad says we are going to get some better cards with trading my reward cards but i have to gey more of them.My dad deleted all the drugs posts on my blog. Now it just has STEEMMONSTER!!! My mom does drugs so dad doesnt want me looking at them. But who wants drugwars when there is Steemmonsters. And dad showed me how both of them help him make money to help people. Steemmonsters is more fun because all my friends play it. Dad is going to help me pick what cards i need to power up so i get more cards for doing my battles. I want to be in tournaments like dad but they are all at night or when i am in school. He said maybe this weekend but now i have to go to school. Her is a picture my dad took of me. It is me and a egg sack full pf baby praying mantis. When they come oiy there will be hundreds of them.

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