Steem moooooonsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi I'm 8 and i love steem monsters. I like to play it a lot. Ita really hard to win right now because I can't use alot of cards because the mana is low. But it will change again tomorrow. I didnt get to play much today. But I'm going to try to get my free pack for today. I am saving them up so i can open thwm all at the same time because I think that is funner. I feel like i get alot more cards that way. Do any of yous play steem monsters? What is your favorite team? I love all the dragons. I only have selena sky but i hope i will get some more when i open up all my packs. I reeaally want a chrom dragon. He looks sooo cool. Do you have any dragons? If you do have dragons whay ones do you have? Do you use them all the time. I always use my dragon because she looks the best. I love my hydra because iy has alot of heads and will eat everything. Screenshot_20181104-084430_Chrome.jpg Bye.Screenshot_20181104-080954_Chrome.jpg

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Hi Evans. So far, my best splinter is the green one, Earth. Though I've been winning more with the red one since I got Cerberus. I need to practice more and get used to what all the different icons mean for when I'm choosing my teams. I only have 3 summoners, but I want to gain more so I can play with more splinters. Right now I can only play with green, red and white. I want to be able to play with black, the Death splinter, I think I have good monsters for it.

You should enter my Dragon Whelp contest Evan. You might win a super exclusive card to add to your collection