Whats up guys. Im still Evan and i want to let you know something. I love Steemmonster. And do you too? When i play i like life group. They make me think they are the good guys so i always like them but i have to play the others to help my dad gey reward cards. And we are going to finally move to a farm. Not in the city. I dont like the city because we cant have a lot of dogs and animals. Oh and my favorite monster isnt Rexxie anymore. I love defender of thuth. Because hes magic and he ALWAYS tells yhe truth and fights for it. Hes a good guy and my dad says hes probably the best one in the game too. He says i should put him in this post. So he showed me how to copy him from google to put him here.
Defender of Truth.png
I want to know what his spear looks like. They cut it to make his picture fit so i cant see it. Good bye.

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Next time you open Steemmonsters, go to your collection, find the Defender of Truth card then click on the Lore section.

You'll get a bit of the backstory of the character, as well as a clearer picture of the halberd.

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Thats cool. Dad had to show me what you mean. Now t
We saved the picture so we can have it printed. Im going to put it on my door when dad gets my room done.


It's a pretty sweet looking picture, as are most of the Steem Monsters artworks


They are all good.