Elven Cutthroad fanart from Steem Monsters (digital illustration)

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Greetings friends, I bring you today my fanart of the Elven Cutthroad of the great video game Steem Monsters, all this to participate in the activity organized by @steemmonsters in the ''Steem Monster Art Contest'' .
Because I chose this character among so many? well it was not easy the truth because there are a lot of cards with excellent designs, but I prefer this one because you can enter my ''top 5'' of designs of favorite characters, even a story could have haha, in short, I hope you like this illustration:

Saludos amigos, les traigo hoy mi fanart de la Elfo corta garganta del gran videojuego Steem Monsters, todo esto para participar en la actividad organizada por @steemmonsters en el ''Steem Monster Art Contest'' .
Porque elegí a este personaje entre tantos? bueno no fue fácil la verdad ya que hay un montón de cartas con diseños excelentes, pero me decante por este ya que puede entrar en mi ''top 5'' de diseños de personajes favoritos, hasta una historia pudiese tener jaja, en fin, espero les guste esta ilustración:






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See you soon friends!

Nos vemos amigos!


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Very nice picture of this character from Steem Monsters, @ferjart :) Her expression is drawn well, she looks like a serious fighter ! Love the clean lineart and colours, as well, it is one of my favourites from your works :)

Good luck in the contest !!! :D


Thank you very much bro!