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So far I think Untamed is a great addition to the roster of Steemmonsters.

I am still overwhelmed by the the new monsters when choosing my combatants.



For now my plan is to max out the cards with the DEC coming in from the battles and trading doubles.

(I am still looking for 4 x coral wraith, 7 x light elemental, 2 x high priest darius, 1 x scale doctor, 3 x gloridax magus, 2 x cornealius )

After that I am not 100% sure yet if I want to stockpile DEC, Packs or try to get a second set going. If Untamed is strong enough to be a competitive set on its own without the help of Alpha, Promo etc this is most likely the route I will take, meaning open all the packs I can get my hands on.

I am renting out my doubles to an account via @otterworks and we share the rewards 50/50. It is not this much but everyday I get a bit of DEC and my cards getting played.

You can see that the cards act a bit like miners here but they keep relevant. While we might see the value of Untamed cards going down a bit the more packs are opened and not enough new players joining they will also rise again once they are out of print which will take probably quite a while and gives me enough time to accumulate slowly.

For now I think I will keep my DEC and see what the next weeks reveal. The current prices seem a bit random to me and I am not willing to take any bets yet which cards might be worth to have multiples of.

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I'm currently using all my DEC to buy up beta summoners. I think these will be a good investment. I see they've made it that you need more cards to level up and therefore most expensive. All my DEC goes on buying extra cards to HODL


I think summoners are probably the safest bet for cards to hodle

How does the @otterworks account work?, I looked at the account but it looks dormant. I have piles of cards just doing nothing.


Yeah, that account doesn't do much. Simple descriptions are on the website and most activity right now is on Discord.



Thanks, I just connected.


If you can put together a deck, you delegate the cards to one of their accounts and get a player. The reward cards will get burned and the DEC send to you. Also the DEC for the usual wins

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