Attention STEEMMONSTERS players, you NEED to know this!

8개월 전

Unless you change the setting, it is possible for bots to SEE your set and adapt to it PRIOR to battle.

I repeat.

Unless you change the setting, it is possible for bots to SEE your set and adapt to it PRIOR to battle.

Go to settings and turn the bottom setting on.

Now watch your ratings be higher over time since the bots can no longer see your cards!!!

UPVOTE this because it is a good ass tip!

Suspected bots:

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This is a great tip indeed. I can't believe how long I battled without knowing this.


The best upvoted I’ve ever received were from @magicdice

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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 31% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Thank you!

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Hello friend, how were the rest days?
Ass tip! first time I hear that phrase hahaha


You have to include great. Dumb American slang.

I am well, hope you and your family are doing okay down there in Venezuela!!

Wow! This is amazing info. I had no clue! lol I feel like such a noob now. Now I have to go ingame and see how it jmproves. Thanks for this tip. Totally resteeming.

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I only learned about this recently but I leave it on because I too like to live dangerously

@gank Thanks for this helpful post, I activated that option in the settings right away 😄

As you sad, I used bot
But I have never seen an opponent's card.
Tell me the exact reason you said so.
If you do not have a clear reason, apologize to me.
I always submit team information within 10 ~ 15 seconds after the start of the game.
At that time, almost all of my opponents are still before submit threr team information.
You can see who has decided the team first in the block chain.
Again, I have never seen an opponent card.
Apologize to me.


Apologize for what? I said you were a suspected bot, and you confirmed. I even @ you out of respect.
I never said you used your bot to reveal(though your win rate vs me has gone down to almost 0 after I switched it off). This code trick is only beneficial to bots, so I am letting all the players know who, like me, have been playing with this situation going on unknowingly.

I am glad you use your bot respectfully.


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Bots has always been a problem. May it be steemit or gaming. It always has a good and bad side.

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