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Okay, I am going to do a giveaway, I don't care if you upvote, resteem, or follow. I just want you to guess what the closing price of BITCOIN is going to be on Sunday 11:59 UTC which is Sunday Night 06:59 pm EST.

UPDATE!!! I will throw in 2 shares of @steembasicincome as well to 2nd and 3rd place!

This is really simple and the closest to the winner is going to get this guy!


GOOD LUCK!!! (Leave your guess in the comments)



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I'm going to go with $6666.00, a solid number.

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For my alt account @babyincin ;)


Congratulations you got Third!!!

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17,000! What, I can dream can't I? OK, my real answer is 7,000.

6566 idk. I feel like it’s gonna be lower probably but something tells me Sunday might be an off day

I guess 6505

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Congrats you got third!!


Yuhuu thanks @heyimsnuffles so I will get the 2 shares Basicincome?

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...6153$ ...

Steem Monster for the win. I say 5970. :)


Yes there's a .32, I'm pretty sure of it.

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I generally don't like predicting markets. It's so easy to be wrong. But I'll guess $6,500.


It’s so easy!!! You’re right! Congrats I am sending you the gold card, unless you want the equivalent of @steembasicincome shares?


Awesome. I had totally forgotten about this contest. I'll take the gold card. Thanks!

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Congrats your the Winner with second place and @steembasicincome


Hey. Did not notice this.
Is the price still available. I really wish the price is still available :)