Win This Rexxie Steem Monsters Card For FREE Today!

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Would you like to have this Steem Monsters Card for FREE?!

Thats right... You can have this card just by entering our Steem Monsters giveaway contest!

Follow the steps below to have a chance at winning!

  1. First, make sure to follow me @joeparys to be alerted to my weekly Steem Monsters Giveaway Videos!
  2. Second, Upvote and Re-Steem this post to share about Steem Monsters and this Giveaway! 
  3. Third, visit the Steem Monsters official website (not required to but appreciated!) using my referral link to create your Steem Monsters Acccount (if you have not already!)
  4. Comment below telling me something unique about youself, why you would like to win this card, how long you have been playing Steem Monsters and any other reason why you think you should win this card! The most well rounded comment will win this card!

Good Luck and I will See You on The Battlefield!

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also upvoted and resteemed!


Congratulations you won the card!

Keep participating for more chances to win!


Wow cool! How can I get it?)

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Just to give people context of what they're getting if they upvote and re-steem

That's a 2-3 cent prize to upvote his post that will earn him $7+ usd

I mean go ahead if you want to... just saying your resteem is worth more than this. Have some self-worth people. (Apparently most of you already understand this)


haters gonna hate) it's always an option for everybody, resteem or not resteem)


Really... not hate. It has improved things for everyone. He started to reward cards that have actual value.