Feral Spirit Giveaway - Steem Monsters



Feral Spirit Giveaway - Steem Monsters

Weekly Steem Monsters Card Giveaway

I am hosting a new series of contests that I plan to hold at least once per week that is simple and easy for everyone to participate in.

All you have to do is guess a number between 1 and 100 in the comments below

The winner will receive the specified card stated in the giveaway.

For this week's giveaway the winner will receive:
1x Feral Spirit (Level 1 - Life Common)

Check out my profile on Steemit @jonnyla08 for that contest as well!

Contest Info
In order to participate:

1.) Upvote and Resteem this post.

2.) Drop a comment below with the number you selected.

3.) You cannot select a number someone else has already selected. The first person to choose a number gets assigned that number for the weekly drawing.

How will the drawing work?
At the end of the weekly payout period, I will use a random number generator (an app I use on my cell phone) to select the winning number.

I will include the name on the winning individual in the results post and transfer the Steem Monsters card to your account.

Please connect with me after the drawing to confirm your Steem Monsters username so I know I'm sending the card to the right account.

That's it!

Thank you for participating and good luck!

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You won! @richertravel I can't find you on steemmonsters so could you please let me know what your username is when you have a chance? 😄