Diamond Tier Again After So Long


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Still more than 5 days before the season ends and I manage to set foot again at Diamond Tier. I know this can be short lived as I was just lucky to have an 11 win streak earlier today. As we know, Death Splinter is kinda weak compared to others especially in higher tiers there are few people who use Death Splinter. It used to be popular in the early days though.

Win Streak.png

My goal before the season ends is to stay at D3 but it will be challenging. I have a level 6 Alpha Death Splinter and my other summoners are only level 4 rares so it will be hard to depend on them. Hopefully, Death Splinter will not be banned in my future matches, else I'll just forfeit to not waste time which is a shame.

Anyways, I'm trying to slowly strengthen my main deck (Death Splinter obviously). I almost quit Splinterlands and sell my cards at a bargain price last month because of financial reasons but I'm glad that a good friend lend me some cash. Okay back to my main deck. Like I said earlier I'm slowly building it. I've been playing Death Splinter ever since and I notice that its really weak in the little league ruleset. So I opted to upgrade my Animated Corpse (mana 4) from level 6 to level 7 which give it 1 extra health. It's really not that big of a buff but still better than nothing. Although Animated Corpse has the Void ability which is useful on reducing magic damage taken , it is still useless against long ranged attack which is what mostly I experience in this ruleset. I think of getting an upgrade for the Grumpy Dwarf to add some frontline defense but it still quite squishy even at level 6 or 7, it has 3 armor though.

Undead Archer.png

With the slow debuff from the Undead Priest or the Slime, the Undead Archer is doing wonders for me this season. Its great against those pesky Earthies with lots of heal and those White Guys with lots of armor. Imho it's one of the best cards that came quite late. But sadly the Death Splinter is quite weak. No armor buff, tank heal compared to other splinters is very costly and relatively slower units. In short debuff is life. Weaken those stats until nothing is left! Hehehe! (evil laugh )[It's impossible though].

Well, this rant is running long and it's time to end this and say good bye. I wanted to share my thoughts about the chicken like the others but I'm sleepy. Maybe next time. Wish us luck this season! I hope we draw some l golden legendaries in the rewards 5 days fro now. Hahaha. Bye. >

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