Trying Hard Drawing #5 Clay Golem

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Clay Golem is a good melee monster that is very efficient against magic type enemies. It has Void ability which is already been unlocked and usable in its initial level while if you manage to Level it up at least Level 5 then you will able to unlock its potential. It's Enrage ability can really be a deciding moment sometimes as it can deal good damage in the long run.

This card can be obtained in both Alpha and Beta cards which is quite hard now but the good thing for this is that it can be bought in the market in a much cheaper price for now. Any, if you really like to use this monster, then I would suggest if you can level up this to its optimal efficiency level to unlock its full potential before using it.

In my Drawing, I made coloring on both gold and gray. It might be very clear in this area which probably the result of how I capture it via photo and also my drawing pad is not purely colored while instead, it is more like a light gray as I can see it.

Anyway, it is quite a challenge for me to draw as I am not good in drawing but I try hard in order to achieve it.

Process of my Drawing


I first, draw in the head section of Clay Golem so I could measure out the length of its body to be able to fit in my drawing pad.


I then draw Clay Golem's body with some initial details in it.


Started to draw the lower part of Clay Golem putting some melting designs.


I was then able to draw the entire body of Clay Golem and started to fill in those detailed parts inside its body area.


I then start to trace it with a pen in order to make it bolder before I will start coloring it.


Started coloring it with gold color.


Mixed it up with gray color also to make it better to watch.

About the card


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Clay Golem is a good anti-magic monster that could really be efficient in terms of defending but can be a good retaliator if damaged as its enrage ability will activate, making great damage towards its enemy.

Currently, the market price of this card is 0.11 for level 1 singles but max level monster has a price value of 10.39 dollars which is achievable. Anyway, it's up to you whether you will take it or select a monster that you know would be much better than Clay Golem.

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