Want to play steemmonsters? But not have enough money read this.

2년 전

Hey guys
This blog is not like regular one. This blog is like giveaway too. In this blog i am going to give 2 offers,for different sm lovers.
Let start today's blog.
My two offers are this.
I am giving this 2 offers

  1. You know that steemmonsters starter pack price is 10$,but you can buy from me in 6$.
  2. If you don't have money to buy a starter pack but interested to play a starter pack,you can take a steemmonsters id from me. Whatever you will be earn from that account 50% will be yours,50% will be mine.

2nd one is like giveaway, because i have 1 account now,but if i get more attention i will give some more account to them.If anyone is interested just comments below and give your discord username so that we can discuss.
That's was the giveaway and offers.

Now i am going to share my first 10 cards from daily quest, because from today i am in gold 3. I have get this today morning.

Not so good cards,but i.am happy that i have start getting 10 cards.

Thanks for stopping by @minhaz007

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