My Steemmonster Art Contest Entry

4개월 전

Some days ago I was thinking of buying more magnet to the fridge. To keep notice and important papers staying there. But - why buy when you can make them your own.
An idea was born to make a Splinterland magnet - To remind me to play more daily quest. I am realy bad at that....Maybe 3-5 every season.

So I decided to talk with a friend that make a lot of printings.

The solution was this.

  1. Take nice pictures from Click at LORE at the cards and you see them without background.
  2. I put some monster and a Taiwan flag and print it at a big sticker. This sticker I put at a thin magnet.

Why no picture about that....
My son thought it was very fun to cut out the stickers. The small pieces that I wanted to throw away he used to put around my phone so I was not able to use it. Well - if you think that is funny keep on doint it. I hade some minutes to take all that away later. But - no photos of that process....

  1. I cut the magnet with a scissor and there it was. A lot of new and nice magnets holding my paper steadly at right place.
  2. If I will play more daily quest now - We will see.



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