Some Card Supply Data

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Now that alpha is complete, I've done a few bits of analysis.

Gold Drop Rate

First up, we have the gold drop rate:

Rare golds are the rarest apparently, but mostly hanging out around the 1.8-1.9% drop rate compared to their regular peers.

Regular Max Level Cards

Here we have the number of potential maximum cards by rarity. So for regular commons, there can be 130 max level cards (bound by the minimum value in the cohort) out there if nobody else has any.

Gold Max Level Cards

Here we have the number of potential maximum cards by rarity. So for gold legendaries, the limit is 6 max level gold legendaries.


On both the regular and gold max level limits these are limits from combining. Once battles start and cards can gain XP, this number will go up.... very slowly.

Right now the rarest cards in terms of potential max levels in existence are the Flesh Golem, Giant Roc, Pirate Captain, Silvershield Knight, and Skeleton Assassin all coming in at 130.

On the gold side Lightning Dragon is the rarest card in max level combination terms.

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@mattclarke, you were right about the Flesh Golem being special, right from the start.


Sometimes you're the snake, sometimes you're the flesh golem in the sock puppet.

I think that these are "castles in the air", there is no way that everyone will max out their cards, I know that some hodlers won't and they've many cards. The supply will go down, but not at the rates you are expecting here.


Yes, most people will not be able to max out their cards. If there are 130 max level commons, I'd expect maybe 40 max level combinations with the rest of the cards spread out amongst the players.

Interesting data but would it make sense to the being a biased to increase levels of the cards by playing instead of just combining cards. The best way may be a hybrid whereas you level up to a certain point by combining and just level up by playing afterwards. I still have not combined any cards until I understand this a bit more because it may be more efficient to do a combination of the two as I don’t believe that you will be able to have lopsided battles where unleveled cards will go uo against maxed out cards. Still kots to learn on what the meta will be as well! But the journey looks fun!


I suspect most players will end up adopting such a hybrid strategy.

The exponential nature of the levels is kind of a bitch though :).

When you get to a level 8 common, you're just over half-way there!


How easy it is to grind is going to make a big difference. They said they're working on not making it bottable but we don't know how. If the games/day are significantly limited that could mean XP by playing is essentially impractical.


Yeah, we don't know yet. I talked to yaba yesterday and he said they still haven't finalized anything for xp terms.

What aggro has told me in the past is that they want to scale in such a way that you could take a level 1 card to a max level card in about a year.

But then there will be the potential anti-bot cost for participating. So... dunno!

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