Daily Steemmonsters Quest Rewards - 17.08.2019 ( + Card Giveaway) [CLOSED]

2년 전

These are my quest rewards for the 17.08.2019. I'm am going to giveaway one of the cards to one of the commenters of this post. To participate in the giveaway you only have to leave a comment. I would appreciate an upvote or a follow though.

17.08. quest rewards .PNG

Today's giveaway card is the SEA GENIE you see in the picture above. The winner will be announced in about 10 hours from now. (The next giveaways will last 24 hours each).

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Would be happy to get a Sea Genie! Thanks
SM name: @cknr7


As you are the only participant, you win! Sea Genie sent out :)


Woow thanks a lot!

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