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There's that golden finger Matt was talking about 😂
Nice work man.

Man I want one of those lol ;)

  ·  2년 전

It's all luck my friend! #hopeyoufindone


heheheh agreed buddy ;)

Is it profit or not ?

But nice cards either way :)

I have been considering buying the 100 +10 pack as well.... its so tempting

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Opening 110 packs like...

I see you, Gold Foil Screaming Banshee... I see you...

That's a pretty nice haul

Foils, that is...

Holy crap man. Excellent pciking's

Im gonna go and buy 10 packs now. You've put me int he mood and i still dieing to get a legend.


I never guess what i got on my 3rd pack? first 2 packs were 4 commons and 1 rare each and then the last card of the 3rd pack started shaking out :) 1st legend card


Gotta love a legendary. @o07 is all about the frost giants, too. Good haul man :)

wow my brother that is beautiful someday I will have a similar collection