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This post is in response to the Steem Monsters giveaway posted by @bitson here

As a former musician myself, if one could be such a thing (former musician); I completely understand why giving away the collection is something of interest. While I can't say I'm wildly passionate about @steemmonsters — especially compared to many of the other big collectors here — I can say my son Joseph is. He'll be 9 this coming July.

I've been trying to work hand over fist to get involved in Steem Monsters for his sake primarily. I'm a work from home divorced mom, and I'm online a lot already. I use Steem and participate in the Discord alongside my work day.

While spread very thin right now among my other responsibilities (even to the point of slacking on posting); I find it deeply worthwhile to put a smile on his face. For this reason, I volunteered to contribute to the Blue element lore writing competition, and I contributed and placed in the Steem Monster's Official Cartography Contest where I won some decks for us — many still unopened, as we're waiting to Stream him opening them on @steemitkids.

As a Redfish account, I don't have much in my wallet in way of SBD to invest in this game either. I've only been able to hopefully do some work and participating for decks. As @bitson mentions in his post, many players here are taking this seriously and making massive investments — this is something I can't do, as an account, and as a sole provider for my family. What we've collected so far has been from contest winnings, an small initial starter deck, and from a few giveaways and we're happy to participate even if we're not a big player in the game.

So I'm entering this contest to hopefully win some more cards for our collection. :)

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Perfect @omitaylor ! You are in the game for my giveaway. Good luck!


Thank you. Crossing fingers :)

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