Steem Monsters Kiara Bringer of Light Giveaway!

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Kiara Lightbringer giveaway

Kiara Lightbringer, some people allege that Kiara is the very first hippy. A hippy with a sword that is. While she looks like she just left a hip dance festival she still can kick some monster bum!

💬 To take a shot all you have to do is comment and you will enter the magic wheel.

If you want to influence the future a little bit you can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict
👍 A good reason you deserve to get an extra entry

Winner Daria Dragonscale

📣 Big shout out to the competitors:
@acidmaster, @blind-spot, @brickmanbrad, @camiloferrua, @cryptofiloz, @geekpowered, @gillianpearce, @hbib, @ironshield, @mango-juice, @marisenpai, @masoom, @methus, @mooe, @sayalijain, @steemstreems and @wonderwop ❣️

And the winner is:


Congratulations @brickmanbrad 🥂🎂🎁🎈 Daria is on her way to assist you on your quest to the next level!

Thank you for your time and see you on the other side!

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Resteemed. @avel692

Kiara goes best with non summoner ability matches. But ai dont have this card so I am eager to win this one. 😅

@xawi will be excited over this card i guess

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My recommended friend :
@hossainbd ,@roki112 and @razu788


@maxi01, @beeyou mentioned she had not heard from you yet regarding the 1 week delegation of the level 6 deck you won in our Deep Underworld Kings' tournament.

She asked to send her a message on Discord (@BeeYOU#4417), so she can delegate the deck to you...


I knock her now... thanks

Nice giveaway. I’m in.

@nooblogger check this giveaway out btw I'm in :)


Thank you

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Please add me to the wheel

I'm in !

I'm in - tagging @pioner888777

I am in
Tagging @alir

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All hail the Rainbow Shield of Doom! Tagging @elieganz

I need this card for well played @reward2019

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I'm in and tagging @cicisaja

Just joined steemit and steem monsters recently!

im in and I tag @honusurf this card would help me get some wins

I'm in... Tagging @flamo to join this one...
Reason? Hmmm. I don't have this card and it will be nice to see it in my deck :)

@mysearchisover may want a shot at winning a card.

Thanks for putting on another contest. I totally deserve to win, because I'm pretty sure I don't have one of those lego cabbage patch warriors.

I'm definitely in.

@cicisaja @bxlphabet @shadown99, you might like this giveaway too. 😁

Im in too and I'd like @shadown99, @nureza and @chekohler to check on this lovely giveaway😉


That’s one awesome card I really hope you win it

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Im in, come on @anroja

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Apa nie bg..

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@meedo @vicaaciv @mekaddesh

Interesting summoner if you really decided to play in Life without a shield
(kamikaze mode)

Hey @nooblogger - here's another Steem Monsters contest to enter

Thanks for giveaway..