Steem Monsters Xia Seachan Giveaway!

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Xia Seachan Giveaway

Only one 2 mana summoner left to giveaway. I think the water splinter is a very good option for low mana battles.

💬 If you want Xia all you have to do is comment and you will enter the magic wheel.

If you want her really bad you can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict
👍 A good reason you deserve to get an extra entry

Winner Kiara

For Kiara there were 34 unique entries and 78 entries total in the magic wheel.

Big thank you to:
@anroja, @bitandi, @blind-spot, @brickmanbrad, @camiloferrua, @chekohler, @cicisaja, @comegetsome, @cryptofiloz, @foggybottom, @geekpowered, @gillianpearce, @guurry123, @lammbock, @lolboysgaming, @lozio71, @mango-juice, @maxi01, @monsterbuster, @newageinv, @nooblogger, @nureza, @poyim, @rentmoney, @ronaldoavelino, @saptech, @shawonsahriar, @shenan, @simplymike, @steallion, @steemstreems, @taxguy, @threejay and @zenence ❣️

And the winner is...


Congratulations @saptech ! Kiara is coming your way!

Have a great day and meet you on the other side!

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Here I am again

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Check this out @flamo .

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Whoohaa! I need this card, too! So as a reason for me, I want to have every card in the game... and this is still missing ^^

@cryptofiloz look over here!

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to the winner.

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Go go magic wheel!!

I am in,@avel692. Resteemed.


I need this one for better playing.

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I don't have it.. So, I want it in my deck.. :)
Inviting @moncia90 to join this one..

i want it
I tag honusurf
resteemed too

I'd really like to win this card.
@cicisaja, maybe you're interested too?


Im souch interested to this monster and Im already in😉 thank you

Xia and all the 2 mana monsters goes best with summoner ability less matches. Sadly i dont hold it too.

@rehan12 may like this one.

just waiting for my name to be on the winning list 😃

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I am selfish and want to feed my addiction.

@gdwcoins, you might be interested in this one

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I've never had a Xia Seachan. Hope I win this one! Tagging @scrooger as always.

I'm in !
Upvoted and resteemed !!

I would love a chance at Xia, maybe @bafi could use her. 🤞

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Que nos toque @arteaga-juan

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Resteem and i'm in with @anroja

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Thank you brother

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  1. Resteemed done
  2. @gillianpearce, @hossainbd and @nureza
  3. I don't have Xia Seachan and I never knew what's her best at beside alric and valnamor. I never get her from the booster packs either but I'd love to have her as one of my summies collection😊