SteemMonsters Giveaway #1AAA8#

7개월 전

Hey all! Welcome to the 8th edition of this SteemMonsters giveaway series! This is going to be an easy-to-enter one again:

Comment a number between 0 and 99123.

The number closest to the number I pick (from, wins!

The prizes are:

Number 1: Five Vampires
Number 2: Three Vampires
Number 3: One Vampire

Good luck everyone!!!

PS000001: Upvoting, Resteeming and Following are appreciated, though certainly not required. Commenting a number is the only thing you have to do to enter :)
PS000002: If there is a tie, the person who posted their number earlier wins.
PS000003: The giveaway runs till post-payout, which is exactly 1 week from posting!

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oy oy oy, you just won 2nd place!

3 vampires are heading your way... better watch out!


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Hey @anshia! You just won this giveaway :O

The number was 43768 and you came remarkably close, so you've just received 5 vampires :D


Thanks :D

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You get the bronze medal (the vampire comes with it..)

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