Is the Steemmonsters daily quest really worth it?


Lately I have been wondering if the steemmonsters daily quest is really worth investing any time. The rewards edition cards are cheap as hell and most of the time the rewarded cards are only commons. I have done some calculations of the rewards I have got for the last three days to get a quick overview of the profits made. I know the results I will present in a second don't really have any meaningful statistical value, but I am sure most of you can confirm a similar outcome.

In total I have got 20 cards on the last 3 days. 6 on the first day and 7 on the last two days. I got really lucky on the rewards today, which means that the result is probably higher than the reward of the average player. Here are the rewards I have got:

As a foundation for the calculations I have used with the card values of the time of writing. On the first day I have made a total of 0.2$, on the second day a total of 0.21$ and on the third day a staggering 0.74$. This makes a total of 1.15$ (0.383$ per day) or 3.38 STEEM (1.127 per day).

I will maybe update the calculations in a few weeks, after I have gathered more data.

Finishing one daily quest usually takes me between 20 and 30 minutes, which means that theoretically I would be making 1.15$ an hour (optimistically). From this point of view doing the daily quest is not really worth it. Investing your time in something else is much more profitable.

The rewards edition is definitely killing the game right now @aggroed . It was awesome back at the times when beta booster packs were rewarded for the daily quest. As it is now I am really thinking about stopping to do the daily quest. Maybe I will have a look into the newly arrived tournaments, but I am not sure if they are worth it either (except for the fun of playing), because high rewards are only awarded for gold and diamond limits.

''The rich get richer and the poor get poorer'' - Percy Bysshe Shelley

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