SteemMonsters you broke my heart

2년 전

it only seems like yesterday we met and things were so new and fun and exciting.
i flirted some in the beginning and you opened my eyes to the world of crypto in a bigger way than i would have thought i could experience on my limited means.
things started to get serious and i was spending all my time with you falling asleep thinking about what we would do together the next day.
days grew to months and while i hadn't realized how often you promised some things that still haven't happened i was so lost in the game we played i probably wouldn't have cared if i had at the time.
then we hit a snag 1 day and i suddenly thought for the briefest of moments that i would lose you.
things turned a bit less fun and more serious.
shortly afterwards i took a big leap of faith and made a huge commitment to you at a great expense to myself.

one that i thought was at the right time that we were ready to finally see us coming together for the long term.
at first it was suddenly new and exciting again even more so than in the beginning things were looking up and up.
but it didn't last all the previous promises of commitment finally broke through to me that were never realized.
i stood back and saw that you had changed drastically from who i met in the beginning who i originally fell hard for all those months before.
and I'm not sure i like what you've become because while the promises keep coming i am still waiting here to see the investment of time and means match up to what should have been.
SteemMonsters you broke my heart, and i don't know if i can trust you again to keep this up.
your commitment to us all even after we have given you so much seems to be stuck on more and more promises and delays and time is running out before i cannot take it anymore.
please do the right thing. do right by your convictions even if it means bringing in help from someone else.
we need you
I need you
to finish what we started what was promised to us all
even if its not everything we had hoped for it needs to be complete soon or..
i don't even want to think about what happens if it gets delayed again..
i don't think i could take that kind of disappointment.

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