Go show some Steem Monsters Support today on Twitter!


Thanks to @surfermarly for encourging everyone on the STEEM blockchain to go to Twitter today to spread the word!

I would love all our Steem Monsters family to go to twitter and make a post about @steemmonsters!

It could be about anything Steem Monsters related but please use the hashtags #steemmonsters and #steem (or $steem)

Please tag us on twitter for a chance to win some booster packs!

Follow us here: https://twitter.com/SteemMonsters

Please RT this post: https://twitter.com/BitcoinPosse/status/1098264710934335489



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Are people making any decent earnings with this Steem Monsters Game?


Not sure but how do you put a price on fun? If your into something just for the money that might be an issue.


Got it, Steem Monsters is not for me then...

Sorry mate, I had to flag you on this one.

You overshot the top post on the #steemmonsters tag by almost 50 STU and that post is 3 days old. The next post has a payout of less than 50.

It is reckless to use the rewards pool in such a way.

Also considering the very basic nature of the content in this post. I also disagree with your rewards. So 2 reasons for flagging you.


Concur. Unfortunately, this is not the first time.

I caught a couple of revenge flags the last time I called him out for overvaluing his own content.

Last time, it was single family Christmas pic boosted to over $50 for which he received a lump of coal from me which I felt was appropriate given the context.

The usual go-to excuse they give is "But look at what so and so is doing. Why aren't you going after them?" which is a cop-out if I ever heard it.

He's also been mentioned on Twitter for his questionable ethics. It's people like him that make me weary of this place and the bots taking these bribes for exceptional votes on unexceptional content.

I don't call them businesses anymore as I consider it a false narrative. It's basically just another flavor of collusive voting.

My desire is to one day to create a front end (or even sidechain of Steem) where their votes have no value. On the contrary, their votes will result in lowered visibility of the content.

It will be a true community platform in which honesty thrives in contrast to the present state of dishonest curation.

I know it's a vision high up in the clouds but perhaps one day it could realized.


I am interested to see if I get a response.

I noticed he hasn't upvoted the comments with Twitter links yet but has managed to upvote his own comment to a dollar. I have noticed he has 100% upvoted several of his own recent comments.

A good frontend could solve many of the problems we have here. An improved trending algorithm would help. Something that would move the deadweight bot voted garbage out the way.

A frontend should offer a real promotion service. Promotion from bots is just a by-product of the high valued upvotes. Also upvoting a bot promoted post kills your curation rewards, so there is very little incentive to do so. I think the ROI is the main reason people use bots. We need a promotion service that offers just promotion and nothing else. Facebook and Instagram can manage that. So should Steemit or any of the other apps.

Also isn't anyone concerned that bots undermine the value of advertising on Steemit. Why would a company pay Steemit to advertise when the company can just create the ad in a post or video and then bot it to the top of trending.


My first reply to him was a genuine comment about blockchain policing which never responded. I reckon he ignored me because he knew he would not be able to refute my argument.

However, I did get a reply after I ripped on him for leaving a self voted comment kissing up to StInc. I used what I would like to call a weaponized meme. (Think it was a "Senpai notice me" meme which was received well except by him, of course.)

I use these tactics to bruise hyperinflated egos and, hopefully, prompt some much needed introspection. I think he already muted me but maybe he'll give you a response yet.


I your above comment you said that I had flagged you. What is the meaning of this, and what are the results after flagging any post.
As I am new on steemit, I doesn't know. Please help me to guide.


See response to the other comment.


I your above comment you said that I had flagged you. What is the meaning of this, and what are the results after flagging any post.
As I am new on steemit, I doesn't know. Please help me to guide.


Flags are downvotes. They remove potential payouts from the posts and return them to the rewards pool.

There are several suggested reasons for downvoting but it is really up to if you want to downvote a post. I don't downvote that often but when I do it's normally because I feel the post is committing some form of abuse or is just simply over rewarded.

I think it is good to leave a comment to state why you downvoted the post but you don't have to if you don't want to. Another thing with downvoting is that you forgone any curation rewards as well as depleting your Voting Power. This has made downvoting very unattractive to many users.


Would you mind elaborating on that.


Great to hear about the level of support been given to the community all over the social media platform

Great idea I am going to play and then post right now on Twitter http://monsters.mydarkflame.net

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I am an automatic upvote bot, only for #steemmonsters, #steemmonster. If i liked your post, you will get an upvote. Only for Steemmonsters. Once a day, i published the posts, that have recieved an upvote.

Retweeted! I hope this helps Steem become more awesome!

Es bueno me gusta, soy nuevo en steemit

How can you upvote the twitter post?)

This game has a very bright future! Keep it up!!

espero q todos se unan a este juego maravilloso de estrategia https://www.dofus.com/es/prehome

This post has received a 30.75 % upvote from @boomerang.

Wow great. I've been waiting :)

that good



Here is my Tweet, hope some new people will join the monster hype!
@reseller your work for the steemmonsters community is awesome!

I have made a small translation to your post and have packed it in my latest post, I hope that's okay. :)

gz @Davsner

Social media is a wonderful platform for sharing your personal or professional content. So, Twitter is also very famous for this. The Steemit.com produces or create these options for us to earn more and share more. I personally appreciate.

Thumbs up👍

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Wow , nice .

Thanks for the information

Thank you for the great support!

Mr., I like your post very much, this post has been told that show some monster support in Steam on Twitter today! We will try to thank you for doing this

Its amazing

I upvoted this article, can I have an upvoted back? :DD anyways goodluck!

This looks really interesting!

Congratulations @reseller!
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Looks awesome! Mind to explain on how this steem monster work?

I hope many will join this great and wonderful game.
This is my link to my Twitter posting.


Thank you.

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I retweeted the tweet you mentioned(you can check at https://twitter.com/js_way).

I hope #steemmonsters get better with more fun in the future.

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Just got banned on Twitter for no apparent reason... I've already changed all my old Twitter links to Steemit links xD

I'm trying to find a way to unload all of my #steemmonsters cards for about 50 $STEEM.

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